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Implementing SEO Changes for Big Results

DigitalJunkies July 3, 2020

SEO is ever evolving and the results depend on a number of factors that form an effective digital marketing strategy. Google SEO is never static. So you need to be creative to achieve your business goals.

Here are the important SEO changes to carry out for quick and big results.

Go Mobile Friendly

As we are living in the mobile era, mobile friendly websites are strongly recommended. Google recommends responsive design that offers a mobile version of your site to audience. A responsive web design gives better ranking positions for mobile driven searches and brings more organic traffic. A more usable website designing for mobile will make your desktop website more functional as well.

Add informative and interesting content

Search engines are fond of content. So it is very essential to add high quality content to attract the readers and search engines. Also, make sure the content you add is unique on the web.

A blog is a great way to add to more relevant content to a website and it works well if you use catchy titles. Remember there are also ways to get user generated content by encouraging user commenting.

Improve Click through Rate

The Click through Rate is the percentage of people who click on your site listing from the search results. Google Webmaster tools gives CTR for each search query your website appeared in search results.

Identify the keywords that have a low CTR, and the pages that rank for those particular keywords. Optimize the titles and descriptions of poorly performing pages to make them more attractive to the visitors.

Be Active on G+
With many studies proving the correlation between G+ and higher search rankings, being on G+ improves Google trust. In addition to that Google + is an effective social network that could generate relevant traffic and sales.

Improve Website speed

Website loading speed is a ranking factor and makes a website user-friendly. To deal with the speed issue run a few tests to find how long it takes to load your website from different locations and get suggestions on how to improve the page load time. You can use Google Page Speed Insights to run website speed test.

Perform regular SEO Audit

It is highly essential to perform an SEO audit for your website at least once in a couple of months. The audit report will help you recognize the areas that need to be fixed and areas that can be improved to generate more traffic and sales.

A good SEO Audit will include social media, on page SEO, off page SEO and all other aspects of digital marketing.

Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO is certainly important for small businesses that need to target customers in their local area. Run a test and check if your website meets all the local SEO parameters. Make all the changes required to optimize your website for local search terms.

Follow Competitors

Remember that you are not alone in the online market. If you are targeting the global internet market, then you have to compete with multiple websites across the entire world. So it is necessary to know how your competitors are performing in terms of content, social media, on-page and off- page.

Final Words

Google has been updating continuously to make their algorithms better and the search results more accurate. If you want to stay ahead, you have to adapt to the SEO changes and stay updated with the latest developments. Reconsider your SEO Gold Coast strategy to generate big results for your online business.

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