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Important Tyre Trends You Will See in 2022

nitinsainids December 22, 2021

The tyre industry is a huge one, manufacturing millions of tons of tyres every year. Technology has really evolved this industry just like it has the medicinal and other fields. It is not just one type of tyre anymore, the market is now filled with a plethora of choices that are designed keeping in mind the latest technology, vehicle needs and comfort. 

If you have recently purchased a tyre, you might be interested to know about the latest trends in the tyre industry, which would again bring a huge change in how cars are driven now. With the developing advances alongside the market portions, the need for tyres is increasing day after day. People are becoming more aware of the kind of rubber that is being used and whether they are environmentally friendly or not. Here are the important tyre trends which you will witness in 2022 as well.

The Advent Of Eco Tyres 

Even a few years ago this was impossible to think about, let alone design tyres which will not only play their part in protecting the environment but would consume less fuel too. Just like every other industry, the global tyre industry is also becoming aware of how their waste is affecting the environment. Therefore, reputable brands have come up with eco Performance Tyres London. These tyres are not only made of quality graded material but also consume less fuel and therefore emission rate is less.

If you are worried whether these tyres will empty your pocket or not, they are almost similar to the price point of the traditional ones or sometimes a little higher, but would be worth it. When CO2 emission from your vehicle is reduced it becomes a green one, and tyre longevity also increases, and it stops tyres from getting burned or put into landfills every day. 

Industry 4.0

This is one of the factors that have been scaring working professionals a lot, fearing that they would be replaced by robots. However, the advent of technology does not mean humans would be replaced in the workplace, but everything would be made more efficient and faster.

With robotization, brands can lower stock levels, would be able to conduct multiple quality checks after manufacturing new tyres and also minimize cushion stock. In the near future, it could be easily said that the tyre industry would witness humans and robots working side by side 

Using Of RFID 

The insertion of RFID chips in modern tyres have really taken the tyre industry up a notch. It has been appreciated by reputable automobile manufacturers looking for a wow factor in all of their vehicles. These RFID chips could also be used in tyre factories. RFID chips can competently store detailed information about your tyre and could also warn you in case of oncoming obstacles or danger.

Another notable trend is where you would not have to invest in expensive tyres but could in simple words rent them. You would be paying for the kilometres you have covered, and you do not have to worry about tyre maintenance or such. This is really helpful for commercial car fleet owners where buying sets of tyres for so many cars could really empty their pockets. Renting the tyres is hassle-free, and also in some regards, cheap. 

Therefore, these are some of the trends that you would get to see regarding Car Tyres London in the coming year as well. This would change how tyres are perceived, helping people find the right tyre for their car. 

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