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Interesting facts about Nigeria

icustomerservicenumber September 27, 2021

Nigeria – a diverse West African country is officially named as the Federal republic of Nigeria. The nickname of the country is the “Giant of Africa.” Go for Delta Airlines reservations if you wish to visit this country at pocket-friendly fares. Nigeria is home to several different languages, ethnicities, and butterfly species. Want to learn more about Nigeria? If you think you know everything about this country, then maybe you are wrong. Go through this blog and check out all the interesting facts that you must know before you fly to Nigeria. Africa’s giant, Nigeria is widely known for its petroleum production and exportation as a major source of the nation’s economy accounting for about 95% of foreign exchange income and 70% of government revenue. This black nation remains the largest oil producer in Africa and the 12th largest producer in the world.

Social media is way too famous in Nigeria

Being one of the most industrialized African countries, which is a very common fact about NIgeria, around 75% of the total population is active on social media. They use social media on a regular basis. One more unique fact is that people of Nigeria use a smartphone than a laptop or a computer. 

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa

Around 200 million people reside in Nigeria, making it one of the most populous countries around the world. According to some surveys in 2019, it came at number seven in the list of the most populated countries. The majority of people that live here are Christians or Muslims with 40% or 50% of the total population. 

Nollywood is the movie industry of Nigeria

Nigerian movie industry has a nickname, which is Nollywood and for your knowledge, it is bigger than Hollywood. Surprised! Yes, it is true. Nigerian movie industry is very big and it is second in the world, losing only to Bollywood in India. Every week, about 200 movies are produced, which simply means 10,000 movies are produced every year. Plan a trip to Nigeria with Allegiant Airlines Booking and maybe you get a chance to see your favourite Nigerian actor. 

Over 500 native languages are spoken throughout NIgeria

People living in Nigeria are multicultural. In fact, Nigeria is one of the most diverse countries across the world  in terms of the native languages spoken regularly. Experts estimate that over 500 different languages are used throughout the country. Some of these languages are Yoruba, lgbo, Hausa, etc. English is the official language of the country. 

Oil plays an important role in the country’s economy

Nigeria is a great producer of Crude oil and it produces an average of 2.5 millions barrels per day. It has a massive reserve of petroleum and NIgerian economy depends greatly on crude oil.

The richest man of Africa lives in Nigeria

Aliko Dangote – a Nigerian businessman is the richest man in Africa. When Forbes announced the list of the 100 richest people in the world, he made his place in the list. In 1977, he established the Dangote Group and now has a net worth of at least 10.6 billion. 

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