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Pawn Expo – An Opportunity for Pawnbrokers to Associate

Ashish Kumar May 24, 2014

National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA)

National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA)National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA), the only trade association representing and supporting independent pawnbrokers of the country is organizing Pawn Expo every year. The NPA’s Pawn Expo is the only national convention and trade show for the pawn industry intended to help the members (pawnbrokers) learn new ways to strengthen their businesses, connect with fellow pawnbrokers and do business at the trade show featuring over 120 different companies. This occasion is an opportunity for pawnbrokers to associate with each other and expand their businesses through networking. There are ample benefits of being a part of this organization and trade show.

NPA offers guidance to pawnbrokers on how to be involved on a local, statewide and national level as well as offering compliance training relating to federal, state and local regulations in regards to the pawn industry. They aim at building up the image of the pawnbroker as respected part of the community. Many pawnbrokers are already giving so much to their respective communities, however, the NPA supports and helps coordinate a few major community outreach programs.

One of the major keys to success in this business is networking. Pawnbrokers looking forward at making immense profit in their business needs to network and stay abreast of all the industry updates. The NPA offers a platform for pawnbrokers to do this. The NPA brings the pawnbrokers of the country under one roof, educates them on industry trends, helps pawnbrokers stay in the know on legislative issues, and even hosts the pawn expo for a true educational and networking experience for those in the industry.

The NPA firmly understands that successful businesses are connected businesses. The difference between a pawnbroker and a business owner is simply that the pawn industry encompasses so many different industries. In simple words, a pawnbroker has to be “the jack of all trades,” with expertise on a vast array of products and businesses.  Electronics, jewelry, gold coins, firearms, tools – the list is never ending and a pawnbroker must stay up-to-date on the rules and regulations associated with each industry. In addition, a pawnbroker also needs to be handy with information about the resale values, trends, what’s selling and what’s not and more.  He needs to keep a track record of many things at the same time. Therefore, keeping in touch with other industry experts is vital and the NPA promotes these connections.

The term, “whom you know” works well in this industry as it can make a huge difference in your success. Networking with other pawnbrokers, gemologists, jewelers, numismatists, gold refiners and many others in industries related to pawnbroking can open up a world of connections and business opportunities. It is certainly important for a professional of this field to work on building connections with a wide variety of industry experts.

The NPA’s Pawn Expo offers pawnbrokers a platform to network and learn in a few informative days in Las Vegas. Pawnbrokers will leave the Expo equipped with the latest industry updates and some really good contacts.  The NPA knows how diverse a pawnbroker’s world needs to be, so educational experiences include everything from coin valuation and diamonds to finance and accounting and risk mitigation.

One should not forget that the businesses that refuse to change with the times usually end up failing. The NPA gives pawnbrokers an opportunity to see what is new with the industry, learn, network and make sure your business is progressing. So log on to their official website and become a part of this fest to get connected with experts.


The author is a research writer with National Pawnbrokers Association, the only trade association supporting independent pawnbrokers of the country and providing guidance to them in order to enhance their business and become a respected part of the society.

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