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Potato Planter Price and Features In India

saanurasia564 June 29, 2021

A potato planter is a tractor attachment that is used for planting potato seeds. The potato planter is very comfortable with the sowing process. Get all the top brands of Potato Planter machines are, including Shaktiman, Swaraj, Mahindra and many more. Potato Planter Tractor Implements are available in different classes, which includes Seeding & Plantation. One of the famous Potato Planter Models in India is Shaktiman GRIMME Potato Planter and many more.

The farming potato planter makes the process of sowing potatoes fast and easy, and it also saves labour. There are three types of agriculture potato planter available:- 

  • Automatic Potato Planter 
  • Semi-Automatic Potato Planter 
  • High-Speed Automatic Potato Planter 

Benefits of Potato Planter 

  • Potato Planter makes the potato sowing process efficient, faster and more cost-effective.
  • It requires the least labour. 
  • It guarantees steady growth and maturity through assuring a better yield than hand-operated sowing.
  • A potato planter helps to maintain the proper distance and depth between the potato seeds. 

Potato Planter Price in India 

The potato planter price is Rs 2 lakh*, which is very reasonable and appropriate for every small and marginal Indian farmer. Prices of Potato Planter may vary according to the different regions in India. 
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