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Prepare for the big spring cleaning with 4 quick tricks

Heather Roberts July 17, 2015

Home maintenance is often an overwhelming task, especially if it takes place only once a year. If this is the summertime – a great idea is to take a pick of a warm but not a hot day, as well as cloudy day with no winds. All this is only a hint of all the tips in this list that will help you to make your home shining like a new. Next are four useful tricks!

1) Begin with a thorough inspection of the entire house, garden, garage, playground or another adjacent area. A good inspection on an earlier step will give you that important information about the condition of the house and all the objects in the different areas. Check out the big and the small objects too. From the condition of the upholstered furnishings and the exact locations of the heaviest soiled spots on the carpets, to the inspection of the fire extinguisher. Another great trick is to use a map or a sketching of your house with all the important notes and highlights from the inspection of every room and object. This is by far the best way to ensure that you will not forget something at the last moment of the big spring cleaning. Take notes of the objects that need repairs, deep cleaning via homemade detergents and tools that you already have in your home, as well as these that are so dirty and stained that they need professional cares from a cleaning agency in Chelsea. Note also the objects that will need new batteries like the TV remote control.

2) If your house is located in deep woods or somewhere with plenty of surrounding trees – a great trick to keep in mind is to check out the condition of the gutters even before the cleaning of the porch or the terrace. It`s perhaps one of the dirtiest things to do during the spring maintenance and, however, it should be easier if you do it first and then take care of the less stained objects. You may need only a long ladder and a pair of protective gloves. What better way to inspect the condition of the rooftops, the chimney or the windows and the hinges on the roof, in the meantime!

Prepare for the big spring cleaning with 4 quick tricks

3) Make your own homemade cleaning detergents instead of buying dozens of cleaning solutions and commercial detergents that usually include very aggressive ingredients. They may cause discoloration or lose of texture of some surfaces, especially if you`re not sure about the perfect commercial detergent for the treatment of the specific surfaces. That`s why a simple homemade solution of just hot water, baking soda and a tiny amount of dishwashing detergent should play the perfect cleaning role in a variety of cases like spot cleaning carpets and rugs, textile upholsteries, curtains, sofas, cushions, etc. For leathery surfaces use only hot water and shampoo or call a professional cleaning company if there is a need of restoration of the leather texture or if there are cracks onto the most worn areas.

4) Clean the garden and all the other outdoor areas. At this step, it`s important to include not only the most frequently used objects and areas like the porch, the pavilion or the patio, for example, but also the areas which see the less foot traffic or even some hidden places that you usually don`t clean. The outdoor sides of the exhaust vents or the extremely large canopies of some trees are important things to put high on the agenda.

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