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Redgum Firewood: Is It Ideal For Firewood Purpose?

johnmiller3413 January 7, 2022

Do you know what redgum is? Don’t worry; we have covered it for you. 

Redgum is a dense, versatile, and durable hardwood used for construction, decking, furniture, and flooring. It is a beautiful light to dark red heartwood, which keeps it in demand in the furniture industry. Additionally, redgum wood is used for firewood purposes. It has a wonderful amount of burning properties, allowing it to retain high-quality fire. It starts easily and results in long-lasting fires. Apart from these elements, redgum contains plenty of other qualities that make it useful as firewood. One can easily find redgum firewood for sale in the market or online.

  • High Ignition Quality 

Redgum can easily get ignited when it comes in contact with available heat. Easy ignition suggests the high quality of the wood. It is a low-density wood which makes it easy to catch fire. The redgum wood contains many natural fuel substances like sap or resin that feeds and sustains the incoming fire. Thus, it is ideal for firewood purposes. 

  • Reaction To Available Heat 

It is thick wood that easily catches fire and burns perfectly. The burning of the redgum wood usually lasts pretty long. The use of redgum as firewood is perfect for humid areas where it is difficult to light up a fire. Henceforth, it is suitable as firewood. One can easily find a redgum firewood box for sale online or in the local market. 

  • It Easily Splits Into Pieces

The redgum wood is thick, yet it is easy to split it into many pieces. The wood is composed of straight grains, making it easier to cut than any other firewood. Due to fewer knots in the wood, it is effortless to break it and use it as fuel for the fire. However, it is crucial to note that only seasoned firewood is easier to crack than unseasoned one. 

  • High-Density Characteristics

It is said that the higher the density of the wood, the easier it is to burn it. Density is determined by calculating the dry weight of the wood per unit volume. The redgum wood is high in density which makes it efficient as firewood. To be precise, the density of seasoned redgum wood is 1000kg/m3, and unseasoned wood is 1200kg/m3. 

Final Words:

If you are thinking of buying fuel for your house’s fireplace, you must opt for redgum firewood. Hopefully, with the available facts, you may have understood why redgum is ideal for firewood purposes. Many online stores have bulk firewood for sale at affordable prices, buy it and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

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