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Shopping with Class Amidst Manila’s Busy Lifestyle

johnlupez347 June 19, 2017

Shopping has come to be people’s way to unwind and relax—to de-stress after long and continuous days or weeks of working and immersing one’s self in tiring or draining activities. Albeit the main purpose of shopping is purchasing new goods and items for one’s self or for others (to be given as gifts, for example), still there is that underlying or latent purpose, which is to give in one’s self to the pleasure that shopping brings.

Truly, for a country that is so small on the map, the Philippines is home to so many huge malls and shopping districts or establishments. Unlike other countries in the West that have individual boutique stores outside of large establishments, the Philippines has made it a point to have huge shopping malls with subdivisions inside for boutiques and shops catering to the customers’ various needs and wants—from clothing and accessories, to entertainment and dining. A disadvantage of this, however, is the possible loss of a sense of exclusivity for customers, especially those who prefer to take their time and really immerse themselves in the feeling of elation that shopping brings.

Shopping in a bustling district

In a very busy district like Manila—a large, bustling city that so happens to be the capital of the Philippines—malls and shopping centres are ever-present. Because of the thousands upon hundreds of thousands of people living or making a living in and around the area, malls tend to be jam-packed or crowded with people—most even without an intention to go shopping in the first place. Others who have every intention to shop, especially those seeking to browse and purchase from luxury brands in Manila, get a little discouraged at the prospect of shopping in a crowded place, for this may just cause additional stress.

Fortunately, companies and corporations have thought about the segmentations that so comprise the market for goods and services in Manila, Philippines, and this led them into creating and investing on establishments that cater to a particular type of segmented market, that is, those who seek after luxury brands in Manila while having the need for exclusivity amidst a bustling capital city. These companies and corporations made possible businesses such as boutique-hotels which not only provide customers with accommodation services, but also offers a unique and exclusive shopping experience.

The emergence of boutique-hotels

Because of emerging businesses catering to different segments of the market in Manila, shopping has now become easier and more convenient. Individuals who wish to purchase luxury brands in Manila without hassle and stress can now stroll around boutique-hotels, or high-class shopping centres. One of these would be The Shoppes at Solaire Resort and Casino. Located in the heart of Metro Manila, Solaire offers a wide array of amenities and services that are sure to make customers feel less of the highly urbanized and busy lifestyle of Manila, and more of the comfort and convenience that a multi-function establishment has to offer.

The Shoppes at Solaire Hotel and Casino, Manila, incorporates class and sophistication for people who are looking to unwind, indulge and splurge. With various luxury and signature brands, and a classy café situated in the center of it all, The Shoppes truly is a place that defines luxury shopping in the heart of Metro Manila.

Understanding the market of shoppers

Building different types of shopping centres and districts in order to cater to various segments of the market is not always a good idea, though, for both the supplier and the consumer. First of all, in the part of the supplier or businesses, due to its exclusivity, only a small portion out of the potential market can be catered or be made exposed to the products and services that the retail outlets and shops found within this segment have to offer. This will result in reduced sales and possible financial losses. Likewise, the downside for consumers or the customers is that there will be lack of choices or variety, leading to stress, which should be avoided when it comes to shopping.

Lastly, to make shopping a wholesome and truly enjoyable experience for customers, it is important that the boutiques, shops and even the shopping centres as a whole should ensure that they offer good—even exceptional—quality in their products and services. This will create a wonderful shopping experience for the customers, and build good rapport between business and client, so that more can be expected in the future.

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