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Some Easy DIY Plumbing Tips for All

Stephan321 January 2, 2019

Almost every family face plumbing issues sometimes in their homes. Although plumbers are available in all areas, they are not readily available. One cannot wait for a plumber in case a pipe or tap suddenly starts leaking and a stream of water begins to spread on your floor.

It is best to know some DIY tips to fix the plumbing issues until a plumber arrives for help. However, you need some knowledge and skills to perform the repairs and fix the basic plumbing issues. Let us know some basic DIY tips to repair the common plumbing problems in homes.

Replace the parts inside your toilet tank

The pipes inside your faucet become worn and need repair or replacement after a few years of installation. The common cause of leakage inside the toilet tank is the worn flappers. You can replace the entire interior parts with a new cartridge and fix the leakage problems within minutes. You need to remove only a few screws to replace the old cartridge with the new one, and you are ready to use your toilet tank.

Fixing your showerhead

Sometimes the water drops continue to leak from the showerhead, and you don’t know how to fix it. Usually, the problems occur due to the worn thread tape that connects the joints tightly. You can easily replace the thread tape using a wrench. You can unscrew the showerhead with your hand by rotating it in the anticlockwise direction. If it is jammed and does not turn with hand, you can use a wrench to open the showerhead. Replace the thread tape and screw back the pipes to stop the leakage in the showerhead.

Removing the clogs

May times the drains in your kitchen or bathroom get clogged. The water starts collecting in our kitchen sink or your bathroom. You don’t need to buy expensive drain cleaning chemicals to clear your kitchen or bathroom drains. Instead, use a drain snake to clean your drains. You need to insert the drain snake into the drain, rotate a bit and pull back. If you don’t want to use a drain snake, you can use a wet/dry shop vacuum to clean the clog from your drain.

Turn off the isolation valve

There are isolation valves for each fixture in your bathroom and kitchen. When you want to fix a sink or bathroom fixture, you must turn off the isolation valve for that fixture. It stops the flow of water to that fixture, but the water continues to flow to other areas of your kitchen and bathroom.

Never overtighten the fittings

Sometimes we overtighten the fittings and pipes, and they become free that leads to leakage of water. It is necessary to tighten the joints and bolts enough to prevent the leakage. Never overtighten the fittings and bolts; otherwise, they may get damaged, and you will need to replace them with the new ones.

Follow the order while opening a tap or fixture

It is essential to unscrew the outer parts before going to an internal tap mechanism. There are a variety of designs of taps and other accessories. They have some external screws that need to be opened first to look into the internal mechanism. The access point is usually located under the temperature indicator of a tap. For example, you can see an H or C written on the taps for hot and cold water. Open this indicator, and you can see a screw underneath it.

Consult a plumbing company

Many people make mistakes while fixing the plumbing issues in their homes. Such errors can cause leakage of water, and you need professional help immediately. In case you make a mistake while repairing a fixture, you should contact a plumbing service to fix the problems as soon as possible. You can search online to get a list of plumbing companies serving in your area. For example, if you live in Haberfield, you can search a plumbing company Haberfield and call them to fix the sanitary issues in your bathroom or kitchen.

Check your fixtures regularly

Every homeowner should check the plumbing fixtures at least once a week to find out anything that is malfunctioning or getting worn. It is essential to use your kitchen and bathroom accessories accurately. Don’t leave the taps open after use as it leads to wastage of water. Moreover, you should not overtight the taps and use the accessories of genuine companies only.

Final Words

Fixing the plumbing issues is not difficult, but it is also not so easy to do them perfectly in the first attempt. Although you don’t have the skills and experience as professionals have, you can fix the basic problems yourself. Following the easy DIY plumbing tips given in this post can help many families to repair the minor issues themselves.

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