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Sometimes Natural Is Best For Your Living Room

therugscafe August 31, 2021

So you just bought a new house! Congrats, that’s quite an accomplishment in the era of COVID-19. You are trying to decorate your house in style. That said, you are in a dilemma. You want to find floor coverings that are strong enough to last for years but are easy on your floors. Is there any solution to this? Well, how about organic area rugs?

Organic area rugs do more than respect the environment

Okay, so now it’s obvious that organic area rugs respect the environment. After all, they are made out of completely natural materials like wool, cotton, and silk. Because you won’t find man made fibers like nylon and polyester in these rugs, organic area rugs keep your floors lasting longer. It turns out that these rugs are thick and made out of the best quality natural fabrics that you can find on Earth.

Oh, and there’s another bonus. Organic area rugs often have designs that are inspired by the medieval Mughal empire and Ancient Persia. Thus, they are guaranteed to be a real conversation starter for any guests who may come to visit you.

Sometimes thinking out of the box is nice

Have you ever seen any of Van Gogh’s paintings in a museum? They may be real works of art but they have complex color schemes and abstract designs. These are intended to get your creative juices flowing. Well, colorful abstract area rugs are designed to do the same thing. 

Colorful abstract area rugs often have many different color schemes woven into them. They also have many discreet geometrically inspired designs. That said, there is order to what may appear to be madness in these rugs.

The designs are placed in strategic areas in colorful abstract area rugs. Thus, they can be considered to be real works of art in their own right. When you look at one of these rgus, you will definitely be inspired to think in many new and different ways. Heck, you may even come up with a couple of very good ideas in the process! Indeed, these rugs are designed to do two things:  get your creative juices flowing and beautify any room that they’re put in!

Natural and colorful are sometimes good

Modern doesn’t mean artificial. Natural and colorful can go together and oftentimes make a good combination. This is especially true of organic area rugs and colorful abstract area rugs.

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