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Swaraj Tractor in India – Price, Performance and Power

samadhiyaaman June 23, 2021

Swaraj tractor price is very affordable to the farmhands, and it can offer more smooth farming operations. Swaraj Tractors company is well known for its integrated line of farm machines. Several tractor models from this company can provide more excellent working efficiency, and the mileage is also exceedingly increased in them. These tractors from the Swaraj company come with highly advanced technological solutions that’s why they can perform excellently in farming. 

Swaraj tractor models are one of the most performing tractors in the Indian market of farm hauliers. The power and performance are very high in these tractors; that’s why they have their specific place in the farming market in India. Swaraj tractors have been supporting the farmers since 1965, and nowadays, farmers have fully believed in these tractors for their operations. We will let you know about the most popular Swaraj tractor models, but first, we should know about the manufacturer of these tractors.

About Swaraj Tractors

Swaraj Tractors is the truly Indian brand of tractors, established in 1965. This company produces many tractors with highly advanced mobility solutions so that they can help farmers with every possible operation. The price range of this company varies between  Rs. 2.60 – Rs. 8.40 lakhs*. If we talk about the HP range of this company, we can buy a Swaraj tractor from 15 HP to 75 HP. Farmers do blindly believe in these tractors due to these tractors’ exceptional performance and excellent working efficiency. 

This company offers several fantastic models, but we are here with the most popular Swaraj tractors, which are:

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