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The 10 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

LenaH September 28, 2021

Keeping the spark alive is essential for a healthy long-term relationship. Whether you’re going to surprise each other with a dinner date every month or celebrate the time you get to spend together, your efforts will strengthen your relationship. Although every couple has a way of celebrating their love daily, it’s also important to celebrate special occasions and make each other feel loved on your anniversary.

So, if your anniversary is just around the corner, here are some unique ways to make your spouse feel special on one of the most important days in your life.

Create a romantic playlist

Creating a romantic playlist for your partner is one of the easiest ways to express your love. Pick tunes that mean a lot to both of you, such as songs you danced to on your wedding day or songs you used to listen to together in the early stages of your relationship. If you’re old school, burn songs to a CD, and include a romantic note, and this act of kindness will surprise your partner on your anniversary.


To make your anniversary date night even more unique, decorate your home with candles and rose petals. Ask your partner to go to the store or tell their friends to keep them busy for a few hours so that you have enough time to set the mood and decorate your home. Don’t forget about balloons and confetti, and be sure to get fancy wine glasses and an expensive bottle of wine. Then, when your partner arrives home, surprise them with a romantic dinner, and this anniversary will become even more special.

Go stargazing

Planning a picnic date is another great way to surprise your partner on your anniversary. Pack their favourite food and drinks, and drive outside the city to go stargazing. Not only will you manage to escape the city noise, but you’ll also find a private spot where you and your spouse can spend some time together. What’s more, if your spouse isn’t a fan of picnics, you can go on a scenic drive and enjoy areas of natural or cultural beauty.

Save up for a destination vacation

Travelling is a great way to forge a closer bond with your spouse. If you’ve both been busy lately and didn’t spend quality time with each other, a romantic weekend getaway will rekindle your relationship and help you keep the spark alive. You can choose to surprise your partner or ask them to help you find a perfect destination. If possible, ditch your phones and technology for the weekend and use this short holiday to enjoy each other’s company and explore your destination.

Revive some old memories

There are many ways to take a trip down memory lane. You can surprise them with a date at the place you’ve first met, or give them a photo album of your favourite pictures taken on your first trip. If you want to improve your relationship and make them feel special, recreate one of your fondest memories and revisit your romantic relationship by sharing memories and talking about the good times.

Book a night in a romantic hotel

Nex environments are exciting, especially if you’re exploring new places with your spouse. If you’re on a budget, book a night at a romantic hotel instead of investing in a weekend getaway, order room service, and spend the night looking at the city lights and enjoying each other’s company.

Find a special gift

Finding a special anniversary gift for your spouse isn’t easy. Although you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your spouse happy, it would be best to find something to remind them of your love. Luckily, The Gift Box Factory offers a range of unique gift boxes to help you set the mood and inspire romance. If you don’t have time to find a perfect gift for your spouse, go with a standard luxury gift box, or create your own and personalise it with an additional gift such as a ring or a wristwatch.

Pretend you’re strangers

Evolving past the honeymoon phase is an excellent sign that you and your spouse feel comfortable and secure with each other. Still, it wouldn’t be bad to remember that fantastic feeling you had each time they knocked on your door to pick you up on a date. You can recreate old memories by pretending you’re strangers for a day. Decide to go to a specific location separately, make the first move, and start talking to your spouse like this is the first time you’ve laid your eyes on them.

Treat them to their favourite meal

If you aren’t in the mood for anything fancy or too exciting, you can stay at home and eat your favourite food while watching your favourite movies or TV shows. Take time to cook your spouse’s favourite meal, or hire a private chef to make you delicious goods while you’re sipping wine and waiting for food.

Have a lazy day

There’s nothing better than staying in bed all day with your favourite person. If you don’t feel like cooking, order some food and champagne and spend all day in bed talking, napping, and mindlessly watching TV. Still, if you and your partner want to be more active, you can cook together or spend the day in the garden. The options are needless, so talk to your partner and decide what works best for you.


Whether you want to surprise your partner with a gift or a romantic getaway, keep in mind that your anniversary is all about you and your partner spending time together and cherishing your love. Still, you need consistency in your relationship, so be sure to show love every day, not only on special occasions such as anniversaries or Valentine’s day.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect surprise for your partner, try some of these ideas, and you’ll definitely see a smile on their face. Don’t settle for one option if you want to go the extra mile to surprise your partner. Instead, organise the whole day, shower them with gifts, and you turn your next anniversary into one of your fondest memories.

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