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The scope of Big Data Analytics in India

Maneet October 22, 2020

In today’s age of ever-advancing technology and its penetration in our everyday lives, data has become the undisputed king of almost every industry across the country. Mobile applications, gadgets, laptops, and nearly everything that you interact with creates your digital image with the help of shared data. Industry experts believe that management of this exponentially growing data to identify patterns and behaviors for a corporation’s benefit is classified under the umbrella of big data analytics.

Why is the technology booming?

Ideal analysis of big data reveals details about users which helps the companies in optimizing their product for the end user’s improved experience. According to industry experts, a student’s data of marks scored in all the subjects is analyzed to identify his/her weak subjects. This helps to devise customized revision plans and improve the results. Now, this concept is applicable on every student of every class of every school in every city and extends on to the level of determining the best possible career choice.

What is the scope of opportunities?

Industries like military, e-commerce, social media sites, healthcare, etc, are slowly promoting the integration of big data analytics with their daily operations. It is believed to come after the increasing awareness about the potential of the technology. Ample job opportunities are developing in the market for the right candidates because data will keep multiplying in the upcoming years. Thus, it is imperative that skilled people are able to organize this data in silos for an organization’s benefit. A certified Hadoop professional can be hired as a Hadoop architect, analyst, engineer, developer, scientist, or an administrator.

What do you need to learn?

Now that you have made your mind to make a career in this field, terms like Hadoop, MapReduce, etc, will become a part of your regular conversations. Several training institutes offer Bigdata Hadoop Training program where an aspirant learns about the functionality and application of Hadoop. In addition, the individual will learn about YARN classifications, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), HBase, and advanced indexing.

Contrary to the popular belief, prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop isn’t required. However, understanding of SQL scripting basics, UNIX, and core Java will enhance the learning process.

Big data analytics is going to be an integral part of the industry as well as upcoming startups in the future and thus, aspirants must train themselves today to contribute towards a better tomorrow.

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