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The Skyscraper Technique(2021): Guide

Zenwebnet September 7, 2021

After many hours spent creating, promoting, and manually link building, finally, this happened with us we are ranking on page one in the top three. 

In this article, I am going to tell you how we got our site in top results. When I first launched my blog. I knew that I was entering the Highly Competitive marketing space. 

To rank higher, I have to compete against mega brands. I know if I want to stand out, I have to do something amazing. That is when I decided to use an awesome white hat SEO strategy, which is known as “the skyscraper technique”.

And this single strategy gives me tremendous results. It’s time to explain the step-by-step process.

Step number one:

Find the content related to your niche and that already ranks higher for your target keyword.

Step Number Two:

Now in the second step, you need to create something even better than the content already ranking for your target keyword.

Step number Three:

Promote your amazing content wisely in every possible way.
So the first step is to find the content already ranking high for your target keyword then you have to write a blog or content better than already exists. In step number two I am going to tell you exactly how you can create interesting content for your readers. Which deserves to rank first in Google.
There are mainly only two white hat SEO strategies through which you can rank one in google search results. one is the best content and the second is promoting that content.

Let’s execute the second step of the skyscraper technique :
To make your content great you can add infographics. Through infographics, you can get more social shares. Which is undoubtedly a plus point for you.
If your post gets a good amount of shares then the traffic to your site will increase. And this will also lead your site to rank higher in SERPs.
Next, you can add some high-quality images to your content. Which makes your content interesting and more understandable.

Also, You can use some great videos which can help users to understand your concept more clearly. And it also increases the Dwell time of your site.
Now after creating amazing and highly interesting content it’s time for the promotion. You can promote your content on different social platforms. You can send mails to various influencers through this you can promote content and get contextual links as well.
Then you have to google other blogs available on your topic or related to your topic. And send them emails. This will boost your organic traffic as well.
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