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Things to Consider Before Buying Tea Online

Marta Jordan October 16, 2018

Buying tea from online stores can be a bit challenging, especially because you do not get to analyse the tea leaves first-hand. It is difficult for you to understand what you have received until you drink it. And by that time it is already too late.

When you buy from the market, you have the option to see and smell the tea. But, many of us do not have local options when it comes to authentic tea leaves. If you are keen to buy leaf tea online, here are some of the things that you may need to consider before you hit the payment option. Check the list below and make use of them the next time you shop for tea online.

Tip #1 –

A picture has the ability to reveal a lot about the tea. Therefore, do not buy tea online where there is no picture available. Go for those products that display very clear and high-quality photographs of dry leaves. This way you will be able to understand what you will be brewing. If you do see a picture attached, it is better not to trust. You will not know what you receive. You may have a different expectation, but you might end up with something different. Getting decent pictures of their product shouldn’t be a big deal, hence do not compromise on this aspect.

Tip #2 –

You must look for the harvest date when you are buying tea online. You will find the year listed at least, in case you do not find the exact date. However, it would be ideal to find tea leaves with the month and date of harvest mentioned. It is okay if you have to pay more, but it is way better than being deceived. If the year is not listed, it is a sign that the tea might be very old. If you find a product where the harvest date, as well as the year of pressing, is mentioned, it is something you should go for.

Tip #3 –

You will also want to make sure from which location the tea is produced. Knowing the country alone will not be enough. You will absolutely get to know nothing by the name of the country. Transparency is the key to do ethical business in the tea market. Therefore, look for a tea that has the specific region mentioned.

Tip #4 –

Try to go for those companies that claim to be specialists of any particular kind of tea. It may not directly imply that the tea is of better quality, but it does mean that the vendor will be more knowledgeable about it comes to a specific type of tea. There are also chances that they source the tea themselves rather than purchasing from a wholesaler. This factor is quite true when it comes to trendy types of tea.

If it is the first time you want to purchase tea online, you certainly can ask your friends or family members for recommendations online. Follow these tips the next time you buy tea online, and you will never be disappointed by the quality of the tea you receive.

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