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Things to know for Applying, Replacing and Renewal of a Passport

Ashish Kumar April 14, 2014

Passport & visa servicesWant to get your passport renewed? How do you expect the process to be? Any process related to passport, whether it be obtaining, renewing or updating is expected to be overly complex and tedious. And, it becomes really helpful when someone is there to guide you step-by-step beginning from the basics.

So, let’s explore what all is required to accomplish every passport-related activity and how can the befuddling process be simplified.

Obtaining the first passport: This process requires one to be present personally. One is supposed to make an appointment with the passport agency or acceptance facility. One may choose the closest or the most feasible one. A lot, many post offices and a few public libraries can accept passport applications.

Renewing your passport: For getting your old passport renewed, one necessary condition is that you must have the old passport and that too, in an undamaged condition. Furthermore, the passport to be renewed must not be more than 15 years old, that is, it must have been issued when you were at least 16 years old. If all the stated conditions hold true, then you are just required to mail in your most-recent passport (the one for renewal) along with the necessary documents and photographs. A US passport renewal process can also be carried out via mail either from inside the US or outside it. With all this done, you will receive your new passport approximately within 4-6 weeks. In rare case, if you don’t have your old passport, contact a passport agency in person. Moreover, in such cases one cannot get the passport renewed by mail.

Lost or stolen passports: In case of the earlier passport being lost or stolen, one can apply for a new one in person. A replacement passport has some fees and documents required. Always remember to report about your missing passport as soon as you realize the same. Additionally, be sure to travel with a photocopy of your passport in case the original disappears. This will make the situation a little easier.

Adding leaflets to the passport: It’s a wow thing if you are in a need of additional pages for your blue book. One can ask for more papers as soon as he/she realizes that there are hardly 2-4 pages left. So, the people frequently making visits abroad must keep a close check on their visa page’s status.

Changing the name on the passport: This requires for a certain form to be filled and sent in mail with documents like the current passport, original proof of name change, a photograph, and the renewal fees, if applicable. A renewal fee has to be paid if your latest passport was issued more than a year ago.

Kids Passport: For children of age less than 15 years, the passport necessities and fees are different than that for adults. Usually, the parents are required to provide some identification proof in addition their local guardian proof. For two-parent households, both must appear together with their child applicant. In case of an absentee adult, a notarized statement of consent must be provided from the one absent. Parents are also supposed to show a proof of legal guardianship, like a birth certificate or a court order.

Therefore, one is always required to be alert and present with the mandatory documents in any passport-related activity, no matter its getting a new passport or your earlier Passport Renewal process.

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