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Top 10 things not to do when you’re job searching

Jobsdive November 2, 2021

Searching for a perfect occupation may seem to be a tedious task for all but if you do it right it becomes very easy and quick. 

You might have got a lot of suggestions from everywhere and everyone about how you should search for a job and apply for any job opening. But following are the things that you have to avoid while looking for an appointment in a company. Make sure you follow these to secure your position in any company.

Lack of focus

Many people are seen to have a lack of focus while they search for a job. It implies that they get more into unnecessary things and information rather than that of the important one. Many applicants seem interested in what opportunities other applicants are getting rather than what they have to do. Your main focus must be on your credentials and occupation.

Create a formal resume

Focus on creating an extraordinary resume while applying for a job opening. Your resume is the only way you can show your capabilities and work strengths to the company. Your resume must speak for yourself. Try to highlight your achievements in every field. Also, mention your work experience and internships if you have any. Apply now.

Don’t use a kooky email address

People often end up using a kooky email address which looks very unprofessional and may leave a bad impression on the company.  Even if you have one with such a name then keep it for your personal use and create a new one for occupation. Having an email with a good and formal name will help you create a decent image of yourself.

Schedule an interview during non-work hours

If you are currently working in any other company or place then schedule your interview during break time. Because many companies conduct a background check before hiring any person and if anything bad or whatever will not work in your favor comes in the notice. It won’t be good for your career, and you might not get an appointment

Being a pest

If you search for a job and apply for any job opportunities. You need to stay patient and calm throughout the whole process. Do not disturb the officials of the company by calling them again and again and asking about your application progress. This can irritate them and might waste your all efforts in the job search.

Send a thank-you note after the interview

Once you are done with the interview round for any job opening, make sure you send a thank-you note through email to the company. This will make them feel that you are eager to work with the company and are waiting for appointment confirmation. Also, it is important to do so, many job seekers do not do this and do not get a job.

Not using your network

When you start searching for a perfect occupation, you might come across various methods and ways to do so. Another way is that you must share this fact with your network, like your family, friends, and relatives. They may give you many suggestions and even tell you about many opportunities that will limit your efforts. In this way, your search for a job will become easy. And you will only have to apply for a job opening.

Dress appropriately for the interview

When you receive a call for an interview make sure you dress up accordingly in a formal manner. If you carry any casual or informal dress, it might leave an unprofessional and non serious behavioral impression on the company. Also, this will make it difficult for you to get an appointment letter. 

Boost your job search with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great option for any job seeker to boost their profile as well as search for a job. Nowadays many companies do hiring only through LinkedIn. If you don’t have an account on LinkedIn, create one today. 

Bad attitude 

Whenever you connect with the company, through a call or even during an interview, make sure you communicate decently. Be humble while answering the questions. Apply for any occupation you like and prefer to fit perfectly for you.


From the above points, you might have got a fair idea about how you can search for a job. And what are the things that you have to avoid? 

It is very easy for all job seekers to find a job. Job openings are available just start your hunt for a perfect occupation. Also, these things are not very tough to follow and take care of, you just require a little awareness.

If you successfully follow these your chances to get a call for an appointment will surely increase. Start your job search and apply now for the most suitable one. 

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