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Top Document Management Companies

nidhi.tyagi April 27, 2021

The document management system is a technological term where the system provides solutions to companies for their data management. A DMS helps companies to manage, store, receive & track so that they can reduce the usage of critical hard copies.

This software system also helps to reduce the paperwork & save data of the company. A document management system lets you capture data through a document scanner, also it keeps those data safe.

An efficient document management system speeds up workflow, boosts up accuracy, improves efficiency, helps organizations so that they can organize their data & also it provides you the ability to access those documents from anywhere you go.

Also, a DMS eases up the retrieval process, improves regulatory compliances, enhances security, reduces storage space, etc.

This article is written to discuss the top document management solution companies in India.


SoftAge solution based in Gurugram is a top-notch document management solution service provider. The company has established itself as a prestigious leader in the arena. The company boasts of decades of experience in the document management field. It has other international offices in the other parts of the world as well, i.e., Kenya, Dubai, The USA.

It helps companies to digitize, store & track their valuable assets like critical data. The company also provides services other than document management solutions, like E-governance, KYC management, warehouse management, physical verification, secure-shredding, etc.

dMACQ Software Pvt. Ltd.

dMACQ Software Pvt. Ltd. is a document management service center that is headquartered in Mumbai. The company provides services like content management along with advanced document management systems. It also integrates document management systems with recognized ERP solutions.

The company also provides other services including content sharing, mini-warehousing module, document editing, rule-based workflow, digital & physical record management, etc.


EisenVault is a document management solution provider headquartered in Delhi that provides hassle-free solutions for companies to manage their documents efficiently. The company also provides you the ability to access those sensitive documents securely.

The company possesses an innovative cloud-based document management system that is used in multiple industries. The company specializes in document management services that are efficient & cost-effective. The services they provide also have social features like document audit trails, searchable PDF, multi-language document support for multiple file types, etc.

OmniDocs ECM

OmniDocs ECM, headquartered in New Delhi, serves various companies as a one-stop solution for document management services. OmniDocs’ offers include a unified & scalable repository to store content in a secured way.

The top-notch software the company provides operates on the concept of virtual repository services. They deliver context-based content that lets you view & search. The company works as an open standard forum, such as CMIS. It also works abiding by government rules & regulations.

Crown DMS

Crown DMS is a Mumbai-based company that activates management, stores & distributes assets which in turn maximizes the value of corporate memory. Crown DMS provides clients a unique solution with effective management.

The company helps you to improve your company’s internal communication channels. It also focuses on promoting paperless & green practices. The company provides various services other than DMS, like audit trailing, helps to reduce the number of processed stakeholders & enhance the decision-making process, etc.

PracticeLeague Document Management

PracticeLeague document management is a Maharashtra-based company that provides a single touch-repository to edit, store, share & retrieve documents just with one click.

The company has a user-friendly platform that ensures your team easy access & remote operation of the document with ease. The other services the company offers include plug-ins for MS outlook, tagging, MS word to document authorization, office 365, instant uploading, clause library, etc.


Document360 is a document management solution that provides project documentation. The company helps you to create, publish & collaborate for your document management software. Document360 serves companies as the best-in-class document management authoring experience.

The DMS they provide is best for small to large enterprises. Some of the best-in-class features that the company provides are backing up & restoring, internal commenting, versioning & roll backing, markdown support, peer-reviewing & publishing. It also provides you with access anywhere you go.


Zohodocs is a document management solution provider that provides companies with software that offers an extensive document management system that includes Zoho’s sheets for writing. Also, the company gives you administrative control that meets all the government compliances and all the requirements of large organizations.

Though Zoho was formed to address the needs of small organizations when it was established, later it expanded and served big enterprises. ZohoDocs ensures real-time collaboration & provides an editing & sharing facility so that teamwork can be boosted.


Filehold holds a prestigious position when it comes to providing document management services. The company holds a Microsoft certification in the category of gold development partner. It has integrated itself with SharePoint & Microsoft Office.

The software FileHold possesses multiple features. The software is scalable as well. FileHold as an organization makes sure that small enterprises & businesses can afford the DMS software that’s why the price range the company offers is affordable to small organizations. You can access the software on desktop & mobile and it has a user-friendly interface as well.

These mentioned 9 document management services are the best in the market you can now opt for. These DMS work as solution providers for your business needs.

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