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Top family holiday destinations in Turkey

Ashish Kumar May 23, 2014

Family vacation

Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions and is a host for tourists from all over the world. It is one of the best tourist attractions that is well suited for family travel. So here is a list of top must see places in Turkey if you are going with your family.

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia

One of the best tourist attractions of Turkey is Hagia Sophia. It is one of the most safeguarded ancient buildings in Istanbul. It was built in 6th century AD originally as a church by Byzantine Emperor Justinian. It was later converted into a mosque and today operates as an amazing museum.

With its most note worthy architecture alongside beautiful mix of Muslim adornment and Byzantine, the Hagia Sophia just remains around the most stunning sights of Turkey.


Pamukkale, Turkey

Another spectacular tourist attraction is Pamukkale. Pamukkale signifies ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish, which is a dreamlike and stunning scene in western Turkey, well-known for its white terraces.

The terraces are made of sedimentary rock, travertine from hot springs. The ruins of baths, Greek monuments and other temples might be seen at the site.



Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque

Another magnificent spot to see in Turkey is Blue Mosque. This mosque is a standout amongst the most beautiful mosques far and wide as the beauty of Ottoman architecture. It is usually otherwise called Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

It has got its name from blue tiles that are decorating its interior. It is beautiful and elegant proportions intended to reflect the wonder of Islam.

Inside the mosque, high ceiling is lined using 20,000 blue tiles gives dramatic subtlety and stained glass complements beauty of its interior.



Churches of Goreme
Churches of Goreme

It is the place where religious education was given for Christians. Gore me is a district present at the center of Cappadocia region. Many Christian sanctuaries can be found which contain Byzantine artistry. The display center holds the area’s best collection of painted chapels that cut out by Orthodox ministers. Goreme Museum attracts thousands of visitors weekly who have travelled from everywhere throughout the world.



Xanadu Resort Hotel Shang-Du Spa
An incredible and also delicious vacation resort day spa offering the top inside day spa remedies. Shang-Du Spa is a refuge for tranquility, skilfully or namented having remnants involving Mongolian historical past and also Ottoman Tradition. Spas provide a very good selection of remedies. Remedies start from Ayurveda to European and also include massages, wraps, water remedy, and also pedicure.



Ephesus is the one around best saved ancient cities around the globe. It is an important religious and trade center. Temple of Artemis is in Ephesus and is likewise one of the seven temples of Revelation site.



Antalya Dolphin Land


Another one of tourist attractions of Turkey that you ought to visit is Antalya. It is a fast becoming prevalent and growing city in Turkey. Tourists from everywhere throughout the world find its breath-taking mix of great shore sand traditional Turkish culture.

Sunny shore Park featuring Aqua Land and Dolphin Land attracts children to visit this place. Don’t forget to investigate old town center and to visit Hadrian’s Gate.



Palandoken & Uludag Ski Resorts

Palandoken & Uludag Ski Resorts

Turkish ski federation boasts of having the largest number of ski resorts. All the Turkish ski resorts in recent years have created excellent facilities for skiing games.

Uludag Ski Resort most prominent alpine town in Turkey and is one of the oldest, situated 36 kilometers far from Bursa. The ski zone lies between 1800-2500 meters and the best season from December to April. Ski tracks are about the length of 20 kilometers, and the longest one is about 2000 meters.

Palandoken Ski Resort is one of Turkey’s largest ski tracks. Present in Erzurum is recognized by numerous as the best, with great hotels and great facilities. The ski zone is at an altitude of 3185 meters secured with snow for 4-5 months during winter.

Saros - Gokceada - Bozcaada

Saros – Gokceada – Bozcaada

Saros is a favourite place for jumpers mainly because of its proximity to the sea, and is brimming with submerged ruins as Captain Franco, which is located in Aegean Sea, at then trance of Canakkale Strait in Saros Bay. It’s best known for snorkelling. One can find various kinds of fauna and coral formations. Gokceada and Bozcaada have great tourist facilities, interesting plant life, ocean creatures and submerged ruins.



Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum

The earliest buildings of the Topkapi Palace, the essential and authority home of Ottoman sultans, were constructed after the conquest of Istanbul. Later the castle was transformed into a store house. Today, the store house blankets 45.000 m2, is one of the world’s richest display centres with its permanent and temporary exhibition hobbies and a collection of 80.000 articles.



Exhibition hall of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Exhibition hall of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Exhibition hall of Turkish and Islamic Arts is the first gallery in Turkey to bring together works of Islamic art. Studies under a commission were completed in 1913 and the store house was opened for public in alms-house building within the intricate of Suleymaniye Mosque that was built on the order of Sultan Suleyman, and was constructed by a great architect named Mimar Sinan.




Bozdag is apart of Izmir province of Turkey which receives heavy snow fall. The skiing season is usually between December to March, and there is much needed snow during the peak season. The ski zones are at an altitude of 1700–2157 meters and the northern plants are suitable for alpine discipline.


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