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Top tips to remain relevant in job search even in the times of Pandemic

Jobsdive July 16, 2021

Pandemic or not, job search always takes time and effort. Needless to say, the unforeseen pandemic has brought the job market tremendously down, and so many people became unemployed and are still struggling to find a job. The outbreak of covid 19 has made it a little difficult for job seekers to find a job, but definitely not impossible. Conducting a successful job search during the pandemic now means you may need to brush up on your techniques and practice patience. 

But where does one start? Read on to know the top tips to become relevant in the job market and find a job in such unprecedented times.

Create your personal brand

Show your recruiters that you are more than a resume. Now that we have come a long way and our presence is almost 90% on the internet. Creating a personal brand on social media platforms has become necessary for a job seeker to show the recruiter who you really are. 

Personal branding does not mean that you have to come up with an attractive logo and catchy tagline for yourself. Personal branding is how you market yourself and your expertise in a particular niche. Taking your job title to the next level is what creating a personal brand is.

For example, if you are a proficient driver, instead of putting a boring title to your job, try putting “3 years of experience as a proficient driver with 5-star rating”. This captures what you’re good at and how your skills will benefit a potential employer and their business. 

Become really good at virtual interviewing

If you feel the physical interview process is complex, then a virtual interview is more challenging than it seems. There are chances that you might land a job interview during a pandemic. For obvious reasons, there won’t be an in-person interview. For instance, if you land a remote job, there won’t be an in-person interview, pandemic or not!

Take some time to brush up on your virtual interviewing skills and make them perfect with every interview you face. Understand everything from checking out your background, where to look, how to sit, and even how to light yourself to look your best. Believe it or not, but recruiters do check by your hand, eye and lip actions if you are a suitable candidate for the profile or no.

Update your resume

If you are employed right now, that’s a positive thing. But looking at how uncertain things can be, always make it a habit to keep updating your resume. It’s always a good practice to keep an updated resume so that you’re not caught off guard if you find yourself unemployed.

If you can, take your time to upskill or reskill yourself. When you upskill, you already have a skill, and you brush up the existing one by learning additional skills. While in reskill, you go beyond the set boundaries and work on something totally different to help you get a new position.

Never forget to update your resume to make your job search seamless and keep on adding new skill sets which you learn during the course of time.

You can search for opportunities on via keywords, Job title, company and location, and then you’re sent directly to the website to apply. 

Make your online presence

Networking for obvious reasons is the best thing you can do for your job hunting. You can connect with people at a company you want to work for and even connect with “hidden” jobs that are yet to open but may open soon.

Clearly, face-to-face is not a recommended practice during the time of the pandemic. But that does not mean you can abandon networking entirely. What you exactly have to do is take your networking presence online.

Start with LinkedIn. Join groups and communities in your field and be an active participant by sharing articles and other relevant information. While LinkedIn is the largest network for job seekers online, it’s not the only one that can assist you in your job hunting. Depending on your field of interest, other platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be great places to connect with brands.

Be Flexible

With the job market down during the pandemic, you need to be more flexible and adaptable while doing your job search. The salary offered to you might not match your expectations due to the existing market situation. Being a relevant job near me for the particular role, convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the job, and you will render the best results and even help the company grow.

Be patient

Lastly, the most important tip for job hunting is to be patient while looking for a job. During these difficult times, a job search requires you to be patient and understanding that an opportunity will land your way if you are patient. Job hunting in the present scenario is like diving in a pool of jobs and waiting for the right boat to sail in. 

In a nutshell, The old and traditional methods of job search may not be enough these days. While you shouldn’t totally abandon some traditional techniques when you’re job searching during the pandemic, consider adding some fresh tactics to your approach. Apply jobs in newnan Georgia.

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