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Twitter Has 11 Invigorated Features

ThomasEdward January 3, 2017

In our modern world, everybody uses some Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hike etc. The main purposes of these are used to share the information from one to another. Nowadays these kinds of Social Media are basically accessed by mobile applications itself.Twitter has 11 advanced and invigorated features with it.


Currently, Twitter have configured with iOS 7 for pre- user interface. Tweetbot 4 is an advanced application, which is available for mobile communication. In Tweetbot 3, the iPhone has a dark mode version to optimize the time of utilization.

If we check the timeline of Tweetbot, it shows there is no power under the hood.Icon of this application provides the special specifications like direct messages, mute filters, states/ activity etc. It is visible only on right hand pane of the application.


Twitterrific is mainly used iniOS, which rounded by one of the app store. It has some technical process like numerous revisions and solid alternative. This application has dark mode specification, which is supported by iOS 9,and it has multitasking features.

This application is free at the iOS application store for transformations of downloading and uploading the information. There is a possibility of enabling the push notifications.


Best twitter applications are available in the iPhone. In this mobile system, this mobile specification has so many positives of transmitting the information.It has the features of push notifications, automatic night theme, translations and profiles. Tweetbot 3 specifies tapping option to users.

Twitter is easy to use and we can easily accept it by browsing.  While browsing this application, images are interrupting without text. In this app, there is a possibility to create more than 140 characters within a single text bar.

11 advanced applications:

There are 11 advanced applications available for twitterto make enhanced conversation with social media. Those are as follows,


Tweetbot is an opposition party client application for the purpose of sharing the information. It has assorted client option with the best client portion of tweet 4.  This application having a process of favorites retweeted and quoted. In the Tweetbot 4, iOS application can make several services like sharing the photos, videos, etc.

This is operated by an Internet operating system, which has the options to read later, muting hash tags and keywords. This application is more bespoke and flexible one. Now, we can have an updated version of Twitter as twitter 4.0.

Drum up:

Drum up is accessible by Internet operating system and Android mobile system. The features of this application have mentioned as,

  • We can combine different twitter account in the same profile.
  • This application will repeat the shares.
  • It scheduled from RSS and posts easily.

It always provides new information, which is currently going on. To know about the twitter strategy, we can move towards the tool to streamline.

 Majestic client:

This application is only accessible by the Internet operating system depends upon the client’s requirements. Even though this application maintains the features of twitter, it doesn’t follows the features like,

  • In the twitter stream, there are no verification’s of users and links.
  • We can access multiple accounts.

In majestic client for Twitter, the application has long-term impact to the user for the purpose of making profile score, which will be like 0 to 100. Majestic client application has its own index and algorithm to break the influence.

Tweet libs:

A tweet lib is an application of twitter where we can find the best client for the assessment of information. In this application, we can create our requirements and also very easy to use.

Once you synchronize this application with tweet algorithm, we can get the original result of a data.The special app which tweet lib has and other app doesn’t have advanced search and saved searches.


Janetter is another one application of twitter, which is accessible by both android and Internet operating system. In this application, we can have bookmarked timelines to shift this application by a single swipe process. Features of Janetter are given as conversation viewer and twitter list management.


Carbon for twitter is an entrenched application, which has some special features.This application will allow images, videos, text messages and multimedia pictures with interrupt free mode. It prefers multiple user account for the fast assessment.


This application is mainly used for twitter in which the basic features are used for real-time updates. We can swipe the application in between the mute users and conversations. There is a mandatory process of accessing three themes of light, dark and true black.

Hoot suite:

Hoot suite is a free cost of application, which has the ability to track multiple social networks at once. It is acting as a central hub for other social Media like Facebook, instagram, hike, whatsapp, etc.

If we are posting this application in public, we can get the notification from social Media when people have mentioned you or in a special hash tag too. The notifications from hoot suite applications are mostly for entrepreneurs.


The main feature of this android application is time management. Updating period of this application takes a long time for UI based material design. It supports for the integration of URLs to make pro version process as a free version process.


Ubersocial is one of the social services and also the application for twitter, which has the excellent specifications with it. This application has same developers and also the designers for the minute configuration.

In Facebook also, there is an availability of this service for the purpose of integration. It has some minor application like shake-to-fresh and fun applications for the worldwide utilization.

 Tweet caster:

This is an alternative application for twitter to exist from app play store and Google play store. Updating this application is occurring frequently to have an extended list of features.

By using tweet caster we can have ability to control the process of managing multiple accounts, muting the posts and sharing content with photo effects. This is a painful version for advertising a temporary content with it.

Significance of twitter:

In the day-to-day life, everybody needs a social Media to share their opinion about certain fields and concepts. Sharing of multimedia images are achieved through this kind of application only. Twitter network is simply good to share the information through Internet.

There are certain different applications for accessing the network of twitter. It is available in iPad or iPhone in the process of declaring different specifications and getting some advanced results. Silencing the messages is possible on the twitter network.

Ways to use the twitter polls:

  • Based on the count of content followers:

By the number of content followers we can create the polls for engaging the content. While exiting the content, polls allow the followers to play a part of the process.

  • By prognostication:

This is like TV talent show and it contains huge part of twitter conversations through a network. Polls are providing new specifications or some different features to build a conversation with it.

  • Feedback for our post:

The persons, who are all in connection with twitter, have to be in connection with favorite bands and timelines too. It helps us to shape our content strategy for the secure conversation.

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