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Tyre Pressure – is It Important?

skyautoblogger December 20, 2023

We love to rove and ramble to various places in our precious vehicle. But one thing we tend to forget is the condition of tyres. Our Tyres in Birmingham are one of the most eminent parts of our vehicle and we often tend to discount them. It’s a candid fact that no journey is a success without a good set of tyres. You need to have these robust and sturdy round rubber tubes to traverse the boundaries. 

However, like all other parts of the car, your tyres too need your attention. There are many other aspects attached to them. Don’t expect them to run on forever without getting any wear and tear. Another thing that holds importance concerning the tyres is the inflation pressure. You must maintain the correct amount of air pressure in your Bridgestone Tyres in Birmingham

This might seem insignificant to you right now. But as you get to know its benefits, you’d like to take care of it more than anything else. This blog is going to delve deeper into the benefits of inflation pressure and we’ll also talk about what should be the optimum pressure for your vehicle. 

What’s the Importance of Tyre Pressure?

There’s not just one, but many benefits of maintaining the optimum pressure in your tyres. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Correct pressure spreads the load of the vehicle uniformly across the tread of the tyre. That means, your vehicle remains stable on the road. 
  • When the pressure is correct, the wear and tear of the tyre also takes place equably. You need to spend less on the repairs of the tyres.
  • Correctly inflated tyres increase the longevity of the tyres. 
  • The most important thing that you get here is safety. You get better steering, braking and grip in your vehicle. 
  • You save on fuel when your tyres have proper inflation in them. 

How Much Pressure Is the Correct Pressure?

Well, regarding this, you need to check your owner’s manual. Every manufacturer producing vehicles, clearly mentions the amount of pressure you need to maintain in your tyres and you need to strictly adhere to these guidelines. It depends on the amount of load you’re carrying in your car. If you can’t find it, you can also find this information on the driver’s door or inside the petrol cap. 

When Should You Check the Pressure in Your Tyres?

Pressure should be checked when your tyres are cold. That means you’ve driven them for a certain number of miles and then they need to be cooled down. Our tyres constantly generate heat as they roll on the roads. This can increase the pressure on them. So, you should check them in the morning before you start work. Keep a tyre gauge handy with you for this purpose. Observe the reading on it and adjust the tyre pressure accordingly. Your tyres shouldn’t be over or under-inflated. 

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What Are the Dangers of Under and Over-inflated Tyres?

Under-inflated tyres tend to loosen up more. So, you don’t get the desired performance from them. These types of tyres become a big reason for the blowout in the middle of the journey. Therefore, safety is a major concern with these types of Car Tyres in Birmingham. Heavy wear and tear take place in such tyres. 

Over-inflated tyres on the other hand make your tyres deformed. This reduces the contact patch on the road. As a result, your tyres lose traction. You get a rough and noisy ride as the tyre wears down from the centre 

How Often Should You Check the Pressure?

Experts say that you must check the pressure in your tyres every few days. If that’s not possible, do it at least once a month. This will minimize the risk of mishaps on the road. Tyre pressure is extremely important and you shouldn’t be careless about it. 

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