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Understanding Different Types of Spring Washers

jennifer111 November 9, 2020

Spring washers are spherical pieces of metal with a hole in the center. Owing to their axial flexibility, the washers are used in mechanical assemblies to prevent loosening and fastening of nuts and bolts due to vibrations. Apart from keeping the nuts and bolts tight and tense, the washers also boost the assemblies’ capacity and make them handle higher shock loads. You can find different types of washers that differ based on their size and style and choose the one that meets the requirements of assemblies.

As these washers can withstand heavy shock loads, they are used across different industries, including automobile, aerospace, construction, and others, to deliver excellent tensile strength to different equipment and machinery. In addition to providing strength, the washers also act as spacers between the threaded fastener and the material to protect the surfaces from damages. They are also used in water pipelines to ensure a leakage-proof seal.

There are multiple types of washers available in the market, which can make it a little daunting for you to find the ones that can fulfill your industrial requirements. 

Therefore, you have to decide beforehand the type of washer you require in accordance with the nature and requirements of your manufacturing unit. To make your choice clear, you must learn the different types of washers available.

  • Curved Spring Washers: For applications that involve large deflection and lighter loads, using curved spring washers can be the best practice. You can get these washers in a wide range of materials like stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, copper, and others. They provide fasteners with a smooth mating surface and strength required to perform typical applications. The washers are known for their ability to resist corrosion and serving their purpose for longer time periods, even under higher load conditions.
  • Belleville Spring Washers: Belleville spring washers, also called conical spring washers, have excellent load-bearing and shock-absorbing capabilities. They can handle vibrations owing to which are widely used in different industries to process multiple applications with greater efficiency. The washers compensate for joint expansion & contraction, span holes, and ensure high tension in nuts and screws assemblies. They can be combined and used in sequence so that each washer adds to the overall load-bearing capacity.
  • Finger Spring Washers: Finger spring washers are used in industrial applications to neutralize vibrations, noises, and ball bearings excessive wear. They ensure that the mechanical operations are carried out smoothly and flawlessly by reducing skidding wear on rotating applications. The washers are designed with a split construction along with protruding flanges that distributes the load points of wave washers.
  • Shaft Lock Washers: The washers are used mainly for preventing nuts & bolts from loosening, turning, or slipping owing to vibrations and torque. The shaft lock washers are available in various sizes, thickness, and diameters to hold different kinds of fasteners in place even under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. You can find these washers in different materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel. They are known for their ability to stay intact even under high tension applications.
  • Helical Spring Washers: Helical spring washers serve their utilization in the industrial sector by preventing the loosening of the assembly components. They are made from materials like aluminum alloy, carbon steel, and stainless steel that make them resistant to wear & tear under high-speed applications. The washers also distribute the load across the bearing surface and ensure consistent torque.
  • Wave Washers: The washers have a three-point contact and sharp waves, owing to which they possess a better load-bearing capacity. They manage even distribution of load and have great efficiency in absorbing shocks. The washers are backed with a linear load-deflection range that makes them capable of absorbing non-linear impulses as well. You can get these washers in various specifications to meet your industrial needs efficiently.
  • Dome Spring Washers: The washers are named after their ground curves and are known for their high load capacity. The dome spring washers are used in a wide range of industrial applications and serve their purpose effectively.

Wrapping up

Above mentioned are all the spring washers that you can find in the market to ensure the effectiveness of your industrial processes. The diverse range of spring washers will increase the lifespan of your equipment and machinery, along with improving their functional efficiency. With these washers at your end, you can effectively distribute the pressure and prevent the fasteners from loosening or damaging the mating surfaces.

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