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Unexpected Ways to Use Brown Kraft Paper Bags

johnmiller3413 February 23, 2021

Paper bags were once the school & office lunchtime staple. Many people still prefer to store the food for long in brown paper bags to maintain hygiene. However, brown kraft paper bags have plenty of other good ways to use them. Let’s find out some creative & useful ways to use them.

Ripen Fruit Faster

Fruits like apples, bananas, pears, peaches, etc., are highly ethylene sensitive. You can store fruits in a paper bag to ripen faster. Kraft paper bags trap the gas inside, whereas plastic bags don’t perform such a function. Keep the fruit inside and roll the top of the paper bag. 

➤Clean Windows

Kraft paper bag serves various purposes. Tear the open side of a paper bag and bunch it up. Just like newspapers, a paper bag can clean the window thoroughly and deliver an extreme shine. 

➤Serve Snacks

Give your guest a special treatment by serving snacks on a paper bag. The new style of serving looks absolutely amazing; if you love the rustic look, go for a kraft paper bag. Roll the top of the bag down, pour the snack, and serve. 

➤ Collect Recycling & Compost

Are you fond of collecting recycling items? You don’t need to buy additional containers; save your money by just using a kraft paper bag. Another way of using them to collect items for the compost pile. 

➤ Wrap A Gift

A paper bag is one of the most voguish ways to wrap gifts. All you need to cut a paper bag to make it flat and then wrap the present nicely. Decorate it with a floral ribbon to make it look elegant. Even cut a piece of twine to add a finishing touch. The homemade wrapping style is more in demand and adores the hearts of many. 

Filler Material

If you have a paper shredder at your home, cut a few paper bags to create filler material. Store the filler in a glass container and add all your decorative materials. Keep it as a showpiece or store a hidden message and gift it to your loved one.

➤Arts & Crafts

Small kids can use a paper bag for art projects like painting & drawing. Even can protect your tabletop from messy projects such as DIY projects, pumpkin carving, etc. Sketch plain brown kraft paper bags with handles and hang them on the wall to decor the kid’s room.

Hope you like the above ways to use the bags. Well, creativity has no limit; put your skills and make them worth buying. Various brands are using paper bags to follow sustainable fashion. The bags contribute to the welfare of nature. Be a part of it and use it the way you want!

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