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What are the Top Shopify Themes to Boost Your eCommerce Store?

cartcoder123 February 1, 2021

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce service providers, with millions of businesses having used their suite of tools to sell online. The major reason site owners use Shopify is the flexibility of Shopify themes.

What I like about Shopify themes is each theme comes with its customization settings. We can easily change the templates with a drag-and-drop user interface.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at top themes available for Shopify:

Kodo is one of the amazing and popular Shopify themes. It provides you 11 multiple home page layouts that will sport a classic look which is perfect for high-end merchandise.


If you are a nature lover then, Colora will provide you a nature-inspired feel to your e-commerce store. It includes AJAX feature for navigation, blog module, product, mega menus, daily deals module. Colora provides you 4 home page layouts, wish lists, grid, or list view features.


Max is flexible. Multi-purpose Shopify theme that offers you a dozen home page layouts. It has several categories & single product layouts. A pop-up or slide-out shopping cart makes for convenient viewing from anywhere on your site. Mega menus product quick-view grants you to browse products without leaving your current page. Mega menus, a newsletter popup window, and a product carousel is also included.

Mega Shop:-

Mega Shop theme includes lots of useful features like displaying announcement text, zooming in on images, product quick-views, tabbed content, and a newsletter sign-up form. One of the major benefits is admin can easily modify or customize templates for categories and products.


TechTarget is an amazing theme for high pixel on large screens and provides you a fully immersive experience. Though it still looks good on a phone, it provides you eight home page designs, two landing pages, 10 category layouts, and three single-product pages to get just the look you’re after. TechTarget has custom blocks, product labels for all types of items, along with horizontal and vertical mega menus.


Movic specifically uses for product styling. While intended for fashion, I could easily use it for other areas like home décor. It offers 6 home page designs, several header styles, product, & quick-view, along with AJAX layered navigation. The looks are very modern and nicely use subtle effects to create a high-class shop.

Kids Store:-

Kids Store focuses on children’s fashion, but could also be repurposed for a variety of kid-related shops. Navigation is well-thought-out, with great effects and five different mega menu styles included. Kids store will highlight your e-commerce store and will bring attention to your products very easily.


The jewelleryfantastic grid layout on the home page is both functional and attractive. We provide you most stylish Shopify readymade theme development with several multiple mega menu and header styles, AJAX product filtering, a wish list, product quick-view, and image zoom.

Final Thoughts:-

Part of the beauty of Shopify is that you don’t need to gather various components to create a beautiful, user-friendly, and successful Shopify e-commerce store. Simply pick a Shopify theme and start building your e-commerce store. All the features you need are right there, waiting for you to take advantage of. At Cartcoders, our team of dedicated Shopify expert developers is experienced and knowledgeable in Shopify ready made theme development techniques

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