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What’s the standard percentage lawyers take after car accident lawsuit NY?

skyseoroundtable September 3, 2021

Accident Cases Post Covid-19

Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP are excited to announce that the restrictions which were in affect since March 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic were largely lifted as of May 24, 2021. This means that the litigating attorneys in the firm will start participating in “in court” proceedings such as conferences, hearings and trials of personal injury cases.

We at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP used this 14 month period, during which most court appearances were conducted remotely using Microsoft Teams, or by telephone, to move our personal injury cases toward trial or settlement. It is ironic that the time our attorneys have saved because they did not have to spend countless hours driving to and from court, and sitting around the courthouse waiting for our cases to be called, was used working on the many personal injury cases we have. We continued to accept new cases, sometimes interviewing prospective clients by Zoom and obtaining the necessary signatures electronically. We also conducted as many depositions by Zoom, where our clients and the defendants in their cases testified, just as they would have before the pandemic.

These steps have enabled us to continue to handle our clients’ accident cases expeditiously and obtain favorable settlements, or put their cases on the trial calendars in the Supreme Courts of Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

If you have been in a serious accident in which you have an injury of any kind that was not your fault, please call Glynn, Mercep & Purcell and our talented professionals will evaluate your situation to determine if you have a case to obtain compensation for your personal injuries.

Accident Cases In Court Post-Covid 19 Closures

Now that the officials who run our Courts in New York have lifted many of the restrictions on actually appearing in person in Court, many of Glynn, Mercep & Purcell’s clients and prospective clients have inquired about whether the Court system will return to its pre-Covid-19 level of activity.

While the restrictions on Court proceedings and appearances have been lifted, there will be several important limitations and changes with respect to the operation of the courts in New York. All court personnel have initially been required to continue to wear masks. This requirement will be constantly reviewed by the officials who are in charge of the courts both around the state and locally. As of the writing of this article, litigants and attorneys are encouraged to wear masks, even if they have been vaccinated. Again, these restrictions or recommendations will be constantly reviewed in light of the status of the Covid-19 virus and guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control.

While there have been some trials conducted in person or virtually during the last six months, there have been relatively few jury trials. It is expected that going forward, jury trials will once again be conducted on a regular basis, again with minor restrictions. If you have a personal injury case pending, whether it is due to an automobile accident, slip and fall or medical malpractice, you can anticipate that your case will now be tried expeditiously. While there may be rules requiring greater social distancing of jurors and visitors in the courtrooms, the court officials in charge of these issues have been anticipating a full return to in person court appearances and trials, and are prepared to make sure safety is the foremost concern.

If you were injured in an accident while Covid-19 was changing our lives, you may still bring a claim or lawsuit seeking to recover monetary damages for your injuries. Your time to bring such a claim has not passed, so you should call Glynn, Mercep & Purcell to find out if we can obtain compensation for you as a result of your accident and resultant injuries.

Restrictions On Automobile Accident Cases Post-covid-19

Many people have contacted Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP and inquired about any changes or limitations since Covid-19 in bringing lawsuits for personal injuries sustained as a result of a car accident.

The simple answer is “no.” Except for restrictions relative to court appearances and the continued utilization of remote appearances, there is no change that affects a person injured in a car accident from pursuing a claim or lawsuit to recover for their injuries.

In fact, because far fewer drivers were on the road between February 2020 and May 2021, there were of course fewer car accidents. As a result, many older car accident cases were settled during that sixteen month period. Consequently, with a lighter volume of auto accident cases to work on, the lawyers and staff at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP are able to pay immediate attention to new personal injury matters and move these cases more quickly toward a conclusion.

In conclusion, there are no new laws, regulations or rulings that prevent you from consulting Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP or any other lawyers about injuries you sustained as a result of an automobile accident which occurred in the last three years since Covid-19 began to cause less harm. The experienced lawyers and staff at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP are ready to consult with you at any time to determine if you have a case that is worth pursuing, so if you have been seriously injured in a car accident, feel free to contact us.

Residential Real Estate During The Post-Covid 19 Era

As most people are aware, it was difficult to sell or purchase a home in New York or the northeast during the pandemic. For the first 5 or 6 months, buyers couldn’t or were very reluctant to personally go inside homes that were up for sale. This is why so many homes were featured on Zillow at that time.

Once the pandemic eased a bit in the summer of 2021, purchasers became more comfortable visiting homes they might be interested in buying. However, sites such as Zillow often continued to be the place prospective buyers initially did their house hunting. During that period of time, the real estate lawyers and staff at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP became very busy helping both sellers and purchasers navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and the months after.

Adding to this was the “flight to the suburbs” caused by the fear of living in New York City and other urban areas while a virus such as Covid-19 was prevalent and spreading. Our lawyers at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP often helped take the pressure off of both sellers and purchasers by becoming involved in the mortgage application process, keeping clients informed about the terms often thrown at them by real estate brokers, banks and other lending institutions. During this period of time, closings were held remotely or virtually at first, with electronic signatures being accepted for contracts of sale, to ensure the safety of our clients.

Gradually, as the Covid-19 pandemic has eased, real estate clients are being asked if they would prefer to come into the office to meet with our lawyers, masked unless they have been vaccinated, to discus their transactions.

The real estate department at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP is busy helping our current clients and welcome both sellers and purchasers to contact us to schedule a consultation.

Commercial Real Estate And Business During And Post Covid-19

The lawyers and staff at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP have handled hundreds of commercial real estate transactions over the last ten years. These transactions have included small businesses, stores, shopping centers, vacant land and other properties.

During the pandemic, small businesses, shopping centers, movie theaters, bars and restaurants, and all types of commercial establishments saw their business slow down or even disappear. Some businesses had to close either permanently or wait to re-open until the pandemic subsided. Also, new construction of both commercial structures and homes slowed substantially.

We at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP continue to provide experienced counsel concerning the sale and purchase of commercial real estate and businesses to help weather and navigate this new landscape. For those business owners who were either hoping to sell their establishments or to acquire new locations or stores, our attorneys were there to respond to their questions.

Now that the pandemic is easing and businesses that were temporarily closed or saw their traffic diminish, everything is opening up again. This has accelerated the sale and purchase of commercial real estate and businesses and requires the assistance of experienced attorneys who know how to handle the transactions that ensue. The concerned and experienced attorneys and staff at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP are able to spend the time necessary and lend their expertise to clients who are looking to sell their commercial real estate or small businesses, or to those who are hoping to purchase. So feel free to contact us anytime to set up a consultation concerning your sale or purchase of commercial real estate or small businesses.

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