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Why Carpet Is the Most Popular Flooring Material

sophiaisabelle November 18, 2021

While polished concrete, hardwood, and tiles are all excellent choices for certain developments, hard flooring options generally lack the diversity of textures, designs, styles, and construction types offered by carpets. When stated, placed, and maintained properly, a superior-quality carpet will retain its beauty for several years. It’s one of the most adaptable flooring alternatives available. There is something for everyone, from sturdy low pile commercial carpets to luxury shag.

What is less renowned is that carpet also contributes numerous substantial benefits to the indoor climate, including acoustic benefits, significant safety, and increased energy efficiency. If you’re contemplating replacing the flooring in your home in Stoke on Trent, there are several key advantages to carpet that you should consider. Listed below are a few of the most popular.

An issue of personal preference

Today’s manufacturers of carpets stoke on Trent for commercial and residential usage provide an enormous variety of styles and colors, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for or to create unique colors and patterns for any project. Carpet comes in various brilliant and expressive colors, bolder designs, and organic patterns in softer, subdued, neutral tones. Developing your customized carpet designs is now more cost-effective and faster.

Perseverance and sustainability

Reduced environmental effect and improved overall performance can be accomplished throughout the carpet’s life cycle, and ensuring a high-quality carpet plays a critical role in efforts to minimize your project’s environmental impact. If sustainability and environmental effect are important to you or your client, choose a carpet manufacturer that uses Cradle Cradle and recycling techniques.

Additionally, remember that the greater the quality of the carpet, the longer it’ll retain its beauty, and the less frequent disposal and replacement will be required over time. You must also check that the carpet you specify complies with all applicable international performance criteria. Carpets should be tested and certified in Europe in line with the European standard EN 1307 for the testing and classification of textile floorings, which grades carpets on their durability and long-term appearance retention. 

Thermal comfort and efficiency of energy use

Thermal comfort can be considerably increased in interior situations by placing the carpet, which provides warmth and makes a considerable contribution to overall heat retention. Due to their limited heat conductivity, the fibers also act as natural thermal insulators. It means that carpets don’t absorb as much heat from the foot as compared to smooth flooring. Moreover, the carpet’s surface mound traps air and provides additional thermal padding. The denser the carpet, the more thermal insulation it provides.

A more favorable indoor climate

The primary reason individuals avoid carpet is the belief that it increases their risk of developing allergies and harbors dust and grime. Nonetheless, some studies demonstrate that patients with asthma and other allergic conditions perceive a reduction in their symptoms when they live in carpeted rooms. That’s because carpet fibers hold a significant amount of dust and pollen rather than allowing these bothersome minute particles to circulate. As long as a carpet is kept clean, it should contribute to improving indoor air quality rather than detracting from it.

To minimize the influence of dust on family members who suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems, vacuum carpets frequently. A vacuum cleaner will help to keep dust out of the indoor environment. Maintain a dry carpet to avoid mold, which is also harmful to the respiratory system.

Reduced levels of noise

Carpet is one of the most efficient soundproofing materials available. Carpets have good acoustic properties and absorb sound rather than reflect it, as hard surfaces do, and will significantly minimize noise generated by footfall on stairs and in bedrooms.


Carpeting is a cost-effective flooring option that is less expensive than practically all other materials except vinyl sheeting. While carpet installation is slightly more expensive than hardwood, the entire carpet cost is around half that of wood.

On the other hand, the carpet doesn’t endure as long as hardwood floors, typically approximately ten years for a high-quality product. With good care and maintenance, you can extend its lifespan. When entering from the outdoors, remove your shoes and get your carpet professionally steam cleaned regularly – every 12 to 18 months, and more frequently in high traffic areas or houses with children or animals.

No little shocks

Static electricity is frequently a source of discomfort in enclosed spaces. By selecting a carpet that has conductive fibers and is permanently antistatic, this issue is resolved, as no one walking on it will receive an electric shock while in contact with an earthed object. Rather than that, the individual walking on the carpet remains below the antistatic threshold of roughly 2kV (kilovolts).

After selecting the flooring that will change your home, it’s time to have it installed! We always recommend hiring a professional carpet fitter stoke on Trent to get the best finish possible.

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