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Why is a Powertrac Tractor the Preferred Choice for Farmers?

Purohitbhavesh May 7, 2021

Powertrac Tractor is the most famous tractor model designed with the name of Powertrac brand. The brand comes under the Escort Agri machinery group introduced by Nanda brothers Yudi Nanda and Har prasad Nanda in 1944. It is one of the leading companies of farming tractors and machines. The company produces many different tractors to perform various farming operations. A Powertrac tractor is a powerful, versatile, reliable and budget-friendly machine made to deliver high and exceptional performance in the fields.

Powertrac Tractors – Specifications and Prices

Powertrac Tractors are available in 2WD and 4WD variants, with engine capacity ranging from 25 HP – 75 HP. These variants are available in 1/2/3/4-cylinder and power or mechanical steering options, and Powertrac tractor price lies between Rs. 3.30 lakhs – Rs. 11.90 lakhs. 

Why is a Powertrac Tractor the Best Option for Farming Operations?

Powertrac tractors offer many advantages, making them the preferred choice for Indian farmers. Some of the advantages include:

  • Powertrac tractors are designed with the latest technology and best-in-class features to ensure increased productivity and profitability.
  • These all tractors provide efficient work even in the adverse soil and field conditions
  • Powertrac tractors are strong, technically advanced and cost-effective farm machines that are suited to all agricultural operations.

Powertrac Tractors – Popular Models, Features and Prices

Some of the popular models offered by Powertrac Tractors include:

  • Powertrac 445 PLUS is a 47 hp tractor with a 3-cylinder engine, 8F+2R gears, fully oil-immersed multi-plate sealed disc brakes and dry, dual-clutch plate. Powertrac tractor price is Rs. 6.20-6.50 lakhs*. 
  • Powertrac Euro 439 is a 41 hp tractor, has a 3-cylinder, 2339 CC engine, 8F+2R gears, multi-plate oil-immersed disc brake and power steering / mechanical single drop arm option. Powertrac tractor price is Rs. 5.25-5.55 Lakhs*. 
  • Powertrac 439 RDX is a 40 hp tractor with a 3-Cylinder, 2340 CC engine, 8F+2R, multi-plate oil-immersed disc brake and single/dual (optional). The Powertrac tractor price is Rs. 5.25-5.55 lakhs*. 

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