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Why Should You Buy Moonstone Jewelry?

hadleighperez427 September 25, 2021

Does The Jewelry Market Appreciate Moonstones?

Why is Moonstone often symbolized with the moon energies or pearly iridescence of the moon? Well, it’s not a saying of our ancestors or just the belief of Romanians and greek. But the mystical connection of Moonstone with the moonlit. And gem admirers are highly impressed by the discovery of this genius stone, which has led to the revolution in the jewelry market.

Every Trader Should Know This About Moonstone

Moonstone jewelry is the surreal creation of feldspar mineral, which has become the top-notch selection for fashionistic souls. This radiant stone comes in different colors and looks brilliant when combined with 925 sterling silver material. The playfulness in the inclusions and color of the moonstone ring comes from the adularescence. Its clarity varies from opaque to transparent, which is a necessary step while checking its authenticity.

Shimmery Vibes for June Babies

If pearls and alexandrite are holding the interest of June babies. Then, as a matter of fact, Moonstone has been equally or maybe a little bit more showering its energies on them. And with time, this gem has seen a tremendous spike in its demand. The facades and shimmery vibes of moonstone jewelry have surpassed the affection of wearers. Besides being rare, Moonstone displays the chatoyancy or cat-eye effect. Furthermore, the finest quality moonstone beautifully showcases the inclusions called centipedes and electric blue shimmer in moonstone pendants.

Cosmic Relevance of Moonstone

Moonstone is the result of solidified moonbeams from the moon, which have been in existence for the last 2000 years. After its discovery, many cultures started inculcating this gemstone and built faith in its powers. For instance, if Asians believed in the futuristic vision of this stone, then greeks had hope in its serenity and protective vibrations. Devotees, monks, and shamans are following this gemstone for its cosmic relevance. And in today’s times, astrologers recommend the continuous wearing of moonstone jewelry to heal the issue of personal life and become a destiny seeker. In fact, holding this gem on a full moon night allows the vision to foresee shortcomings.

Where is it Found?

The fine versions of Moonstone are available in Southern parts of India and Sri Lanka. Along with Brazil, Australia, the USA, and Mexico in the loop. And the highly demanding rainbow variety comes from India( Bihar) and Madagascar.

Have a Glance on its Magical Ability

Moonstone is one such gemstone that has the moon’s power and ability to transform lives beautifully. And in modern times, wearers are not only appreciating its features and structure but the magical properties. It balances the emotional sentiments with ease. And is a binge-worthy stone for individuals suffering from physical ailments. The blue sheen is a true healer for pain and problems related to the stomach, eyes, and lungs. Furthermore, this feminine gem soothes the internal hormonal problems of women by balancing their cycles. Even Ayurveda believes in the mysticism of the moonstone bracelet and recommends it for mental well-being.

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