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Why Tata Ultra is Favourite Choice of Truck Lovers

devendrasingh March 1, 2021

Tata ultra is the family of tractors and trucks belonging to Tata Motors. Tata Motors company is the most popular brand of commercial vehicles. Tata Ultra is the best truck brand in the country. Besides, it also provides the best social and economic profit to its customers. Tata ultra truck is considered a self-employment vehicle in the Indian automobile industry. Tata Ultra family includes a superb range of trucks and tractors with different variants. Tata Ultra price is also profitable and budget-friendly for truck lovers. 

Following are the popular Tata Ultra truck models in India:- 

  • Tata T.10 Ultra Truck

It is the most popular ultra truck model with all the great features to perform commercial tasks. The truck model comes with 123 hp power which helps to transport the loads. The GVW of the truck is 9600 kg, along with a powerful payload capacity. It has six numbers of tyres with a 160-litre fuel tank. Tata ultra truck price is Rs. 10.7 Lakh*. It offers 8 variants Tata T.10 Ultra 3310/CAB, Tata T.10 Ultra 4530/HSD,Tata T.10 Ultra 3920/HSD, Tata T.10 Ultra 3310/HSD, Tata T.10 Ultra 4920/CAB, Tata T.10 Ultra 4530/CAB, Tata T.10 Ultra 3920/CAB, Tata T.10 Ultra 4920/HSD. 

  • Tata Ultra 1918.T Truck

Tata Ultra 1918.T Truck is the second-best flagship model of Tata ultra that provides advanced technological solutions to improve performance. The truck model comes with 177 engine power with the TATA 5.0L Turbotronn CRDI TCIC engine, enhancing the truck’s working capacity. Tata Ultra truck price is Rs. 18 Lakh* – Rs. 24.23 Lakh*. It has 12 variants Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/6750, Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/5600, Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/5300, Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/4920, Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/4530, Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/5300, Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/6750, Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/4200, Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/4530, Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/4920, Tata Ultra 1918.T Cowl/5600, Tata Ultra 1918.T CAB/4200

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