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5 eCommerce SEO Mistakes That Kills Your Business

michealanderson February 22, 2019

Due to the growing trend of the online e-commerce industry, it is very important to have your website appear on the first-page result of the Google search. No matter how much promotion you do via social media or advertisements, you won’t be able to attract new customers. SEO services are not that easy to handle and you should be very careful not to commit any mistake during the process. Listed below are a few common SEO mistakes that can hamper the growth of your business.

1. Posting Poor Quality Content

Most of the e-commerce companies believe that as long as they have product descriptions, they are well optimized and prepared to face any competition. However, the truth is something else. If your website has not-so-useful blogs, ordinary titles and poor meta-descriptions, you will reduce your quality level and the amount of traffic that you should get.

One way to ensure that your content is of good quality is by avoiding stuffing of keywords unnecessarily just to gain a high number of clicks. Google algorithms have now been improved to detect this inappropriate way of gaining high search engine ranking. Content is the king today and nobody bothers to view a website, which doesn’t have any relatable or good write-ups. You should always focus on the type of content hosted on your platform because nothing excites the audience more than that.

2. Not Including Product Reviews

A good e-commerce SEO agency will always suggest you include product reviews on your website. Product reviews are a way to learn about your product from those who have bought and used it. Also, they need to be genuine and reliable. Some e-commerce companies include fake positive reviews to attract more customers that are not ethical. Getting real and positive feedback from your previous customers can improve your business and sales to a great extent. Therefore, you should regularly ask the customers to provide genuine reviews and ratings for the product and their experience.

3. Slow Page Loading

According to statistics, a majority of about 52% of online shoppers prefer to stick to e-commerce sites that load fast. This is an important factor, which decides the time of user engagement on your site. If your page loads slowly, they are likely to turn down their idea of shopping from your site and instead look for other faster options. This part should be taken care of during the website designing phase itself because it is the initial stage when you decide the content you want to put into it. A good page loading speed should be optimized to 3 seconds, as suggested by experts from a leading SEO house.

4. Taking Security Too Lightly

Security should of top priority for any e-commerce portal; otherwise, it exposes you to online frauds and hacking attempts. Online retailers usually make the mistake of ignoring SSL encryption and other protective security measures. This is because they probably don’t know that it will severely impact their rankings also. Besides, it will also lead to financial loss, poor brand reputation and leakage of user sensitive data. To ensure that these don’t happen, you should adopt SSL encryption scheme as this will convince the customers that their transactions are secured and protected from any leakage.

5. Not Designing Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile optimization of your website is extremely important because a majority of the people today use their mobiles to shop online. This is probably because it offers good convenience for them even while they are traveling or engaged with something else. Basically, a lot of traffic to your website will be blocked if the portal doesn’t work well on mobiles. This mistake can be a nightmare for you because you might be excluded from Google’s top recommended pages. However, this may not be such a big issue for you if most of your customers use a desktop.

The range of SEO services is very wide and spread across different aspects. Managing each one of them can be a little tedious, but you have to make it work at the end of the day in order to be successful in your business and increase your sales growth.

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