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6 Easy Tips To Get More Hits On Your Vimeo Videos

rebeccarogers11 October 23, 2020


Content creation is something that many users are fond of. It requires fewer resources, and now, with smartphones getting even more advanced, it has become effortless for people to edit and share their content online. Users can record high-quality videos upto 4K 60fps right from their smartphones now. Many YouTubers and other content creators have admitted using their smartphones for most shots in their videos, and they hardly get noticed by the viewers as the quality is almost on par. 

Vimeo is an American ad-free video platform founded in 2004 as a competitor to YouTube. It also became the first video sharing site to support HD videos. It’s paid ‘PRO’ account offers much better high-resolution video making it one of the best.

Vimeo approximately has 170 million viewers, while about 40 million of those users are situated in the United States. As it was created by filmmakers originally, most professional videos are uploaded in Vimeo, making it very admirable. Though Vimeo is succeeding in its aspects, it still hasn’t got the recognition and acclamation that YouTube has.

There are some ways to get your videos on Vimeo to get viral.

  1. Wisely choose the category 
  2. Post a great thumbnail
  3. Create a perfect description 
  4. Make the video short and crisp 
  5. Share it within the groups 
  6. Use social media for marketing 

These six tips will help you make your video reach many people and potentially filmmakers who might offer you a job. 

1. Wisely Choose The Category

Before uploading a video, the website asks you to choose the category to which your video is related. Choose the category wisely because your video will be visible to people who want to see that category’s videos. Don’t be greedy and choose all the types. Vimeo will identify you as a spammer, and you will not be able to post any other videos.

2. Post A Great Thumbnail 

The first and foremost thing that a person sees in the video is the thumbnail of it. It has to be attractive and unique so that it grasps the viewer’s attention. A great thumbnail ensures the video’s quality and its content. You might make your videos in the most pristine quality possible but if it doesn’t have a relevant thumbnail, it won’t be noticed. If the thumbnail has any wordings (preferably short), it will increase the chance of the video being viewed.

3. Create A Perfect Description 

A video should be described in the description box on its genre and content to learn about the video before watching it. The description plays a vital part in the hit of the video as well. The description is like a support system of your video. It should contain hints of all the information that your video has. Filling up the description with relevant information might increase the video’s probability of topping the search results. If any songs or clips of other videos are used in your video, you must mention it in the description video to avoid copyright issues.

4. Make The Video Short And Crisp

The duration of the video must be small, containing only the essential parts. It is also necessary that the video should be of high quality and must have no audio defects. The viewers tend to choose to watch videos that are short so that they don’t waste a lot of time. Even if the video is lengthy, it should not bore the viewers and keep them engaged and entertained. It would be better if the video has subtitles so that other nationalities can also view the video.

5. Share It Within The Groups

One of the best things about Vimeo videos that no other video streaming website provides is the option to create a group among people of your choice. It can be a group of friends or colleagues, or family. Use this vimeo clip downloader to download your favourite videos from vimeo. To make sure that your video becomes a hit is sharing the video in groups so that the people in the group can watch it and share it with others. You can also ask the group members to share the videos, among others, to get more hits. 

6. Use Social Media For Marketing

Once the video is uploaded to Vimeo for viewing, you can share the videos on your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. By sharing the videos on other platforms, you can be confident that it would reach many people. You can also ask your friends and family to share the videos in their circle, so it reaches a broader audience.


Quality is king when it comes to content creation, which is why you have to focus on creating your videos as appealing as possible to attract more users. Make your videos look aesthetically pleasing, making sure that there aren’t any studders. One thing to look for is a gimbal, it stabilizes your videos shot on your device and makes it look much more appealing. Go ahead and create the best content possible. We hope that this article was helpful to you. 

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