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8 Sure-fire Ways to Automate Social Media Marketing

Sadesh May 25, 2017

Marketers’ tasks are never done. For example, developers who work at top mobile app development companies or any software companies can be in rest until they become a part of the next project. But marketers’ job never goes like that. They have to be attentive about their marketing efforts as competitors always strive to surpass them.

But being attentive throughout the year is not viable for small businesses as they lack enough resources to do the same job. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing consumes less time and produce finer results, but for some organizations who lack resources, digital marketing, particularly social media marketing is still a tough job to do. This is where marketing automation helps them.


Risks of Social Media Automation

Automation produces fine results when you’re dealing it with systems and processes, but when you’re dealing the same with people, you have to have a more attentive approach. A simple mistake can cost you heavily. So make sure your social media automation efforts are perfectly executed with a little human intervention.


8 Simple but Most Effective Social Media Automation Tips


  1. Queue your tweets:

    Be an active and consistent player on Twitter. Que messages in advance, so even though you don’t have your presence there, your automated tweets can engage followers by spreading your tweets over the course of hours. According to a study, tweets with 110 characters get 17 percent more engagement, so keep your tweets sweet and short. Tools like Tweue ( or Twuffer ( can help you get done these things.


  1. Use RSS feed: it ( is a tool which will scan your feed and update it as a post every time you blog. You can even use’s Chrome extension ( to do the same.


  1. Use usual, regular triggers: The website can automate your routine activities. If you’re running a travel website, you can use IFTTT’s weather related service ( to post a warm greeting every time the sun shines. You can even use the same service to post out tomorrow’s weather report every night.


  1. Share content: Sharing is caring, but it may be hectic to do often. But the service like shares contents across your networks. You can schedule pages and preferred social media platforms for specific days and time upon their importance and relevance.


  1. Recycle RSS feeds: Think if you have a service that will curate relevant posts automatically. How good it would be? Use ThreeWP Broadcast (well-suited for networks) or WPeMatico if you’re using WorPress. If you’re a WP affiliate, think of Content Egg, which can produce automatic posts with integrated affiliate links.


  1. Repost your most popular blogs: Popular posts are like evergreen contents. People never feel frustrated from them even though they repeatedly appear. Do you feel frustrated from repeatedly telecasting Spider Man movie? No, that has such a magnifying magic. Plugin like Revive Old Post for WordPress automatically shares old posts on social media. Try to use it.


  1. Make use of apps: Instead of going through a browser to do above tasks, think of mobile apps of popular marketing automation platforms. The app titled ‘Hootsuite for Twitter & Social’ lets you do the same. So you can get done the tasks on-the-go. Now each and every leading mobile app development company in India, the USA, and UK is showing utmost importance to develop apps for marketing automation and make marketing easier for marketers.


  1. Login once in a day: Don’t let automation do everything by its own. Try to login and interact with your networks once in a day and analyse the performance of automation.


2 things to avoid in social media marketing automation

  • Don’t overdo it: maximum 3 posts in a day is enough
  • Don’t automate personal messages



Automation can save you an hours of time and even helps you deliver a consistent brand message. Executing it perfectly can get you its finest results.

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