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A Complete Overview on Dog Tags

boodlemart January 12, 2021

Even if your canine has a microchip, it is still an excellent idea for them to have an ID tag. Any person who finds your dog might not have a chip reader or recognize where to return it. A tag can help anyone reunite you with your pet.

Information to Put on Your Dog’s ID Tag

The engraved dog tags for pets should include the pet owner’s phone number and dog name. Apart from this, the tag may also include:

  • Dog owner’s complete address
  • Any unusual conditions the dog has, such as deafness, blindness, or other disability
  • An alternate telephone number where the owner can be reached, such as your work number, cell phone number, or landline number
  • The home city and state but no street address

Check the canine’s tag at least after every few months to ensure that it is still perfect. Moreover, check for comprehensibility if the engraving has faded that you cannot read it. Choose the perfect tag, and your pet will be praised wherever you set off! No doubt, that you will have limitless bragging rights when you choose the pet tags.

Large Engravable Circle Tag (1-1/4" WIDTH X 1-1/2" HEIGHT)

Tips to Choose a Pet Tag

  • Make sure to have the most current information available on your pet’s tag. Opt for a design that has enough space to hold appropriate information and one that suits their personality, as well.
  • Select an accessory that looks good on your pet; after all, they will sport them every day. Whether you want a cool design in a bright color or an engraved tag that is more functional, ensure to choose a tag that works with your pet.
  • Select a tag that is not too heavy or small for your dog. It should always be in proportion to your pet’s size and weight, enabling them to move easily.
  • If you are annoyed with the sound of metal clanging, do not opt for a metal tag or consider removing it and reattaching the tag when at home.

Where to Get a Dog Tag?

You can find customizable dog tags at any pet supply store or get them through online portals. When buying online, check the reviews from other pet parents to make sure you buy a tag that will showcase your info clearly and is durable. When buying a tag, you have lots of options, some of the things to consider include:

  • Shapes: Usually, the tags come in basic shapes, such as rectangles and ovals, and quirky ones, such as bones or dog faces.
  • Material: Most are made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, or vibrantly colored plastic. Some are more hard-wearing and last longer than others.
  • Engraved tags: If you are eager to spend the additional money, you can purchase custom hand-engraved tags or exceptional art pieces.

Tags usually range in size but they have to be big enough for someone to read them and sized for your dog. If you opt for the pretty options of aluminum or less sturdy materials, you should check the tags frequently to find out if the engraving is faded and hard to read. With so many shapes, styles, and sizes out there, you are sure to find the right look for your furry friend.

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