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Care for your diamond engagement ring to cherish the symbol of love forever

Marlow Marshall January 12, 2016

diamond engagement ring

Diamond is the precious possession of a lady and if it is ensemble in the engagement ring then the value is enhanced to greater heights. Engagement ring is a symbol of never lasting love between the couple. As the couple take marriage vows, the engagement ring stands as a witness to make their bond stronger. The ring is round which has no ends and is rightfully depicting the never ending love that is to persist between the couple.

After lot of planning, picking and shopping you finally get the engagement ring of your dream. But, not many people bother to take proper care of the same. Diamonds are a cherished possession that never loses its shine and brilliance if proper care is taken of this precious stone. The daily wear and tear rips off the natural radiance that emerges from this stone which attracts the onlookers. The following simple regime can maintain the lustre of your diamond engagement ring.


Regular cleaning

Rings bear the brunt of oil, cosmetics, and lotions and so on which will get deposited in its surface. This forms a layer that covers the natural shine of the diamond. Take time out to clean your diamond rings regularly. A simple solution made of water with a few drops of ammonia is all that is needed to get back the sparkle in your engagement ring. If there are any stubborn dirt sticking to its grooves, make use of a soft bristled toothbrush and gently stroke the area to remove them. Never indulge in any harsh cleaning process as this may leave scratches on the stone.

Chlorine a strict no

Summers can be quite tempting for long dips in the pools and never ending play on the beaches. But, have your dose of fun and play after removing the diamond ring and storing it safely. The chlorine is the greatest foe for the diamond stone as it rips the amazing sparkling property of the stone. The bleaching quality of the chlorinated water may even tend to discolour your precious ring.

Avoid rough work

It is not possible to avoid doing the household chores or any other rough work. But, you can always do the work without your precious ring on your finger. Gardening and any other kind of rough and messy work may leave scratches on the stone. Durability is a major element of diamond that makes it the popular choice for engagement rings. However, it is a fact that they can get chipped when it gets a strong blow. That is the reason it is advisable to avoid wearing diamond rings while you perform any of such task.

Store it safely

Storing your diamond ring is often neglected aspect. Many women mix up all their jewellery into one single box which is a big mistake. Never mix your diamond with other stones as this may cause scratches and strip off the sparkle. Make sure you store them in cloth lined boxes that is available in most of the jewellery shops. If not, simply wrap your exquisite piece of diamond in tissue paper and place it in a closed box. This will retain the gleam in your diamond so that you can flaunt them for the special occasion.

Visit the jeweller

You can visit the jeweller for getting the rings polished and giving it an added touch of glamour and sparkle. The jeweller will very carefully look for any kind of loosened prongs and check if the mountings are intact. This way you can be assured that the diamonds are well studded onto the rings.

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Unique design and customised style is what makes Marlow Marshall the most sought after Calgary jewellery designers. His taste for elegance combined with the best picked diamonds makes a piece of jewellery that leaves his clients satisfied with pride.

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