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Kenya, Retreat into Nature with a Kohler Botanical Bathroom

africakohler June 23, 2021

Originating from the word ‘Botany’, which deals with the science of plant life, a botanical bathroom draws inspiration from nature to make for a rejuvenating experience that encourages you to be one with the wild. A botanical bathroom makes for an invigorating visual delight, while also offering incredible health and lifestyle benefits. The botanical theme… Continue Reading »


Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Workplace to Provide a Safe Environment

pureservicepro June 15, 2021

Opening your business back after the lockdown is a huge accomplishment but also something that requires proper planning on both short and long-term scales. One of the things that many businesses are worrying about is cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and setting up their business so that everyone feels safe. Although it may seem like a difficult… Continue Reading »


How do you Replace a Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer?

dsmith June 14, 2021

There are many reasons why you would want to replace a handheld bidet toilet sprayer. Maybe the old one is not working, perhaps you want to upgrade to a better one, or the one you have does not match your bathroom hardware sets. Whichever the reason, replacing a toilet sprayer is pretty simple and can… Continue Reading »


Why you Should Consider Online Shopping

dsmith June 4, 2021

Online shopping is growing rapidly. Consumers are swiftly changing their focus from the brick-and-motor stores and embracing e-commerce, and for good reasons,” says James, the CEO of Urezbuy. As the world evolves, so is everything else that lives in it. The world’s market system is a testament to this rapid evolution. We live in unprecedented… Continue Reading »


Silk Pillowcase to Give Beauty Sleep of Your Dream

dsmith June 1, 2021

A demonstrated delight adornment suggested by dermatologists, hairdressers and has been a go-to item for famous people around the world. Silk permits your skin and hair to tenderly get across the pad. Silk holds your skin moisture, which implies the night serums and salves you use, will not be drawn away from your face any… Continue Reading »

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