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Unveiling the Latest Smart Bathroom Tech Trends of 2024

erinlane9104 January 4, 2024

2024 is a good year to remodel your bathroom. With all the latest tech trends, impressive designs, and eco-friendly upgrades, your bathroom can look like a spa.

That’s right, you can now equip your bathroom with the latest tech pieces. With smart technology in your bathroom, you can increase the bathroom experience and add value to your daily routines.

You’re in the right place if you’re interested in the latest smart bathroom tech trends. We have all the information you need to transform and upgrade your bathroom.

Smart bathroom lighting

Let’s start with a pretty standard upgrade – smart lighting. This year, you can upgrade all your bathroom lighting to smart lighting. With this kind of lighting, you can create various moods and effects in your bathroom.

You can switch to smart lighting throughout your whole bathroom. Your ceiling light can be smart, wall sconces, vanity lights – everything can be smart. The best thing about smart bathroom lighting is that it can be voice-controlled, dimmed, or scheduled. You can also easily change the colors of your smart bulbs depending on your mood or occasion.

And to top it all off, smart lighting is eco-friendly. This means that installing smart lighting in your bathroom will contribute greatly to your sustainability efforts. 

Smart water sensors

Yet another smart bathroom gadget that can contribute to sustainability is a smart water sensor. If you’re worried about spending too much water or you want to prevent any potential leakage, these smart little gadgets are ideal for you and your bathroom.

These small sensors can be placed under sinks or appliances and alert you in case there is a leak.

Smart toilet/a bidet seat

When it comes to toilets, you have options. You can either invest in a completely new, smart toilet that has some amazing features such as self-cleaning, a heated seat, a hands-free opening, and so on.

Or you can keep your old toilet and add a smart bidet seat to it. The bidet seat will significantly improve your comfort and hygiene without breaking your budget.

Smart bidet seats, just like smart toilets, come with seat temperature controls and cleaning options. They are an eco-friendly solution if you’re remodeling your bathroom with eco-friendly upgrades in mind.

Smart bathtub

Smart bathtubs are designed for a next-level spa experience. If you don’t mind splurging on this smart gadget, you’ll be getting a tub that features fog emissions, aromas, different lighting options, and all this easily voice or remote-controlled.

A smart tub is an investment, but a smart and luxurious investment that will offer top-notch relaxation in your bathroom.

Smart shower

If you’re a shower-over-bath kind of person, you’ll be glad to know that there’s something for you too. A smart shower in your bathroom can offer an amazing and luxurious experience. 

Some of the features of a smart shower include voice-controlled water temperature regulation, modification of the flow, different shower modes from rainfall to waterfall, changing the lights in the shower and so much more.

With this advanced bathroom technology, you can elevate your shower experience and, at the same time, contribute to your sustainability efforts.

Smart water faucets

One of the most popular pieces of bathroom technology is a smart water faucet. Smart faucets are very popular because of their touchless feature. You can have water running without touching the faucet. All you have to do is move the hand under the faucet and the water will start running by itself. Similarly, once you finish using the faucet the water will stop on its own.

With this bathroom technology, you will be able to control the water flow and water consumption. The water will stop while you lather your hands or brush your teeth and start again with the motion of your hand. And that’s not all, smart faucets are perfect for hygiene since without direct contact germs can’t spread.

Smart mirrors

Most smart or partially smart bathrooms already feature a smart mirror. These mirrors are called smart because of the numerous features they have. For example, different kinds of smart mirrors can display data such as time, weather, or traffic conditions, answer voice commands, and communicate with other smart devices in your home.

You can also adjust the lighting on the smart mirrors – dim the lights, change light colors and so much more.

Smart scale

Many of us don’t even have a regular scale in our bathrooms because we dread the thought of stepping on it. However, that can change with the smart scale.

A smart scale unlike the regular one, can enhance your lifestyle. With it, you can learn much more than just how much you weigh. A smart scale can inform you about your muscle mass, body mass index, bone mass, water, protein intake, and heart rate among other things. 

And the best of all is that all of these can keep reminding you to stick to your workout regime. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the smart scale and all this information will be available to you and you’ll be able to keep track of your progress.

Bottom Line

If you’re renovating your bathroom this year, these trends will certainly come in handy.

With these 8 bathroom smart tech trends, you’ll be able to transform your bathroom completely. Not only will this technology change your life, but it will enhance it.

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