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Different Types of Drill Bits and their Application

alicesmith October 17, 2021

Drill bits are a common type of cutting tool that is used to create holes in an object or surface by removing excess material. To choose the right type of drill bit for your job, you need to know which type is right for specific purposes.

Looking to learn about the different types of drill bits so you can choose the right ones for your project? Here is a list of different types of drill bits and their application;

  • Twist Drill Bits

If you are looking for an all-purpose drill bit for home use, the twist drill bit is the right choice for you! This is the type of drill commonly used by professionals to drill in plastic materials, light material, and wood. They are spiral-shaped and come in different types including stubby, pilot, jobber, and prentice styles.

  • Tile Bits

A drill bit for ceramic tile and glass has a ground tungsten carbide tip. This is the type of drill to use when you are looking to create holes in bricks, stone, concrete, or ceramic. Due to the tough nature of the materials, tile bits wear out quickly meaning you need to replace them regularly.

  • Brad-Point Drill Bits

A brad point drill bit is all you need for drilling effectively through hardwood workpieces! The tip contains a brad in the center that ensures drilling precision while providing a clean workpiece exit point. This type of drill is ideal for setting dowels or shelf pins because it generates blind holes in whatever woodworking project you’re working on.

  • Diamond Drill Bits

A diamond drill bit is a good option if you need a drill bit for granite countertop. The hole saw it generates is smooth and free of damaged edges because it is coated with high-quality diamond. It’s made of robust, long-lasting high-speed steel, and it’s perfect for drilling clean, exact holes. Some diamond drill bits require water or other coolants to lubricate the bit as it makes its way through the tough materials.


From the article above, it is clear that each drill bit has its own use and can only be used on specific materials. Hopefully, you now have an idea about the different types of drill bits and their application. To get any drill bit, be it a drill bit for granite countertop or ceramic tile, Kolder Edge Professional Stone Equipment has got you covered! Visit us today for the best products for fabricators at a desirable cost.

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