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Effective Tips for Cleaning Rust!

informsarakhan August 2, 2021

Rust is the main problem with metal objects. Result of the oxidation of iron left in contact with water, rust very quickly damages the objects it attacks and consequently reduces their lifespan. Fortunately, there are natural and chemical methods that can be easily applied to clean rust. So you don’t necessarily need to contact a cleaning company or maintenance agent. What then are these methods? Let’s find out about them in this article. Visit also: Lounge cleaning in Leichhardt


Baking soda: this is an ecological and natural product, easy to use. Just dampen the baking soda with water and apply it to the rusty object. Then rub well with a sponge or brush.

Salt and lemon: this trick is very effective against rust. Its application is to put a little salt on the rusty area, then rub it with the lemon juice.

The potato: you have to peel the raw potato, grate it and rub it on the surface or the rusty area. You can also add vinegar to increase efficiency.

Onion: To apply this cleaning trick to rust, simply cut the onion in half and rub the stained areas.


While you don’t need to leave rust cleaning to a maintenance agent or a company, it’s important to ask them for advice on choosing the right chemicals.

Bleach: Just clean the rusty surface with bleach and a sponge. This rust cleaning trick is used a lot on walls and granite.

Oxalic Acid: Your cleaning agent can tell you the best oxalic acid to buy, and where to buy it. It is enough to apply it on a brush with which one rubs the rusty surface. It is then necessary to rinse and dry with a cloth.

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