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Focus on Improving Your Ecommerce Platform

Walterrichards January 26, 2022

E-Commerce platforms help you build empires that generate income and are worth all the money you invest. If you are planning to start an ecommerce platform or are already a part of one, I urge you to read this article in one go. Here, In summary, discuss key findings in e-commerce platforms, how much income they bring in, and why it is necessary to improve your business. 

  1. Starting from zero, if you set up a small e-commerce platform or company that deals with finished products like dress materials, ethnic wear, or chic collection – pertaining to certain domains only, you could expect a demanding revenue of over 1M $ in 3 years. However, patience is your key. 
  1. Dedicating time is what marks your growth, and time is money. If you can understand this sentence, then there’s no stopping you. Make sure you scale-out at least 5 to 6 hours of pure hard work and skill enhancements outreach. This period of a day is only for incorporating heaps of knowledge right from SEO to SEM to CRM to various tools used in the industry. It can also blow up a zillion ideas in your mind, and I suggest you write them somewhere. 

Organic Traffic? For a new website? Ecommerce Platform breakpoints!

  1. The organic growth of a website earmarks your journey. For improving any website or a social media handle, you need support. Support from your daily website visitors, customers, feedback, and followers. It is essential for developing your website. Ecommerce platforms tend to click when many ratings and reviews appear on your site. I recommend you ask your customers for these and get them printed on your website home page as well. 
  1. Let us take an example of how e-commerce platforms grow. I will take two companies. Amazon and Maharani Women. Amazon is a world-renowned company delivering goods and services from A to Z articles/items and like. This company provides more than 1Lakh job opportunities per annum, and let me not even start with its revenue. We all know, initially, it was a book company, but later it opened doors to all tools/ tech/ machinery/ clothing and a lot more. Look at what it’s managing now. It has around 1.5M employees working day and night for the company and improving its e-commerce platforms across the globe. Maharani Women, a recent start-up in Bangalore, India, has seen amazing growth with only 2 years of launching its retail clothing brand. It too provides freelancing opportunities, quality services, and seamless delivery. Look at the similarities, 

a) Providing quality services, 

b) Job opportunities, and c) yes, there you go, there’s a ” c) ” as well. 

c) Not withdrawing from e-commerce platforms. 

  1. Platforms and Companies might look challenging to run and manage. But if you know the key elements to having an eye on, I guess you’re good to go to further improve your ecommerce platform. Be it any service – delivery of products or rendering service like writing or editing, these few tips will help your platform work wonders. 

Summarizing the few tips in one go!

  • Search Engine Optimization: No, I will not tell you what this whole new tech is about, but hear me out. In addition, this must be your go-to target the first day you’ve launched your site.  
  • Customer Relationship Management: Yes, you heard this right. Not only do CRM softwares exist, but also CRM, as in CRM, does too. And it’s completely your job to understand this before stepping into the e-commerce world. 
  • Media and Marketing: There are two types of people: people that love this or the opposite. I am a person who loves this department. It is for enthusiastic people with creative ideas but sophisticated plans. If you decide to improve your e-site, I urge you to understand the main elements like the 4Ps, 5 Processes, and like. However, that helps you hire a beautiful team that grows your site like none else.  
  • Research on Your Product:  Half sales on sites blow up only when the right amount of product and exact cost or rate that the customer could pay shows up on the screen. Right from showcasing your breathtaking product to setting the price tag on that, you have to make sure your website visitors would love the idea of consuming it. 

ECommerce Platforms Sites like Maharani Women, Amazon, Flipkart and many more give out extensive growth opportunities, provide everlasting and fantastic products, and above all, a contactless shopping facility. It’s time you, too, consider this your golden chance and work hard to improve your ecommerce platform. It is never too late. Start today! Begin now!

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