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Forget Wrapping Paper — Cover Their New MacBook In A Vinyl Wrap

lenardjohnson December 19, 2016

A brand new 15” MacBook Pro Retina makes an amazing gift, but it’s missing just one thing: the final touches that show you’re willing to go above and beyond for your loved one. Contrary to what you may think, the largest Pro Retina isn’t ready to rock right out of its box. While a lot of Apple lovers certainly take their Macs for a ride without a second thought, this inevitably leads these people down a road of anguish. Their laptops are lacking protection and personalization. You don’t want to get them a gift only to see them damage it or cover it in stickers in order to customize it. Before you leave your MacBook under the tree, make sure you get a vinyl wrap to go with it!

You bought this mobile laptop for a reason; you expected your loved one to take the computer with them wherever their day takes them. Whether they’re a student who needs to be able to tap out notes in class or a remote worker who gets their job done in the coffee shops around town, they’ll be dragging the Retina to a lot of places — some of which aren’t exactly friendly to electronic devices. There are a variety of disasters waiting for them on campus, at cafes, or even at home. Sadly, Apple hasn’t outfitted their laptops with any defence to protect the Mac against these issues.

If you fear spilled drinks, sharp objects, or rough handling will ruin the sleek lines of your thoughtful gift, the 3M vinyl of MacBook Pro skins is a simple yet effective solution. They attach to the laptop much like a sticker would but without any of gloopy adhesives. This means it’s as easy to apply as it is to remove. Once attached, it covers the Pro Retina in a layer of vinyl that will save its aluminum backing and trackpad from cosmetic damages.

Though strong enough to stand up to sharp objects and careless handling, it won’t interfere with the laptop itself in terms of function or style. When it comes to skins made by dbrand, they’re an incredibly thin and lightweight addition to the computer. Its safety doesn’t bulk out the Mac in ways that would make it awkward to use. (It will still fit into the laptop bag you got them!) That’s because the new 15″ MacBook Pro skins from dbrand are made with Apple’s blueprints in mind, so they can be cut within micro-millimeters of the computer itself. There won’t be any overlaps or missing pieces, as long as you stick with designers like dbrand that favour accuracy.

But let’s not forget about customization. Through the versatility of vinyl, these skins can completely transform the surface looks of the Retina. They come in a variety of eye-catching colors and finishes, all of which you can mix to create a personalized combination fit for your loved one. Whether they prefer the geek chic look of carbon fiber or the Zen sophistication of bamboo is up to your discretion. Luckily, the top skins MacBook Pro owners get themselves are an inexpensive addition. Depending on your budget, you could afford to get them a couple of different designs.

Since they’re available online with convenient shipping to your door, these skins are an easy, last-minute addition to your big gift. They’re also an essential present if you expect the Retina to last a long time. Between its protective powers and stylish customization, they’re a must-have for any MacBook owner! Be sure it’s there under the tree.

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