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Ashish Kumar August 9, 2016

benefits of using GIF as a digital marketing strategy

Still finding it difficult to make presence felt in the social media? Do you daily come across few conversations on your web pages? These concerns are totally justified keeping in my mind the increasing change in social media marketing trends.

Recently, there has been a new development in the field of digital marketing making waves all around, called ‘GIF’. In case you haven’t been very active on Internet for the past few years, the Graphics Interchange Format or GIF – is a file format comprised of a series of photos combined together to create the appearance of animation. Not only they are humorous, but also gives advertising brands ample freedom to put across their idea or creativity with animated images. As per survey, on Twitter alone, users shared more than 100 million GIFs, becoming a new and quicker way of expressing views, designs, opinions, etc.

Digital Marketers are constantly looking out for new ways and means to reach their target audience and increase engagement. Even after trying and testing every channel available, few still falter in reaching the maximum audience possible. So, GIF here can play an important role for marketers as a storytelling tool in social media. They come with a compelling message to stay relevant, engage users, and increase click through rates.

If we look back at its history for origination, GIFs were created in 1987 but since then they have transformed and became an attractive tool. Everyday progress made in technology enabled GIFs to become the most popular one.

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using GIF as a digital marketing strategy:

Increase engagement rate: It has the ability to engage users for longer period of time and get their attention on the desired image.

Human element: It not only serves one purpose but also brings along with it humor, inspiration, knowledge and information helping the users make emotional connect and relate to it instantly.

Easy to convey messages: We shouldn’t forget that in today’s world users have low attention span and with time it’s becoming more difficult to view something for long but audience on social media can now easily understand messages you are trying to convey with the help of GIF.

Product or service promotion: The frame-by frame feature of GIF helps the viewer to focus on the product better. It is a great way to highlight features and benefits of a product or service.

Email marketing: Making use of GIFs in emails have proven to raise click through rate and even revenue in agencies who use them.

Effective story telling: A visual story certainly has more power to attract users than a plain, written story. Placing the product or service at the right time with effective message has more potential to keep the audience involved.

Regardless of its several benefits and applications, digital marketing and advertising agencies should be careful about the ways to use and promote the brand. If this is clear then online marketing will become easier to understand. On the other hand, designers can make it more appealing by adding life into pictures thus helping in improving the overall user experience in the virtual world.

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