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How To Accessorize Plus Size Dresses: An Ultimate Style Guide

johnmiller3413 January 7, 2022

Dressing up a curvy body is no less than art; you’ve to be pretty creative yet practical to inspire the beholders. 

Gone are the days when plus size women had to stick to the hue of black or baggy clothes to hide curves. With the concept of “body positivity” in trend, they are free to flaunt their shape in any dress style of their dreams. And why not? Every woman on the earth deserves to feel beautiful about herself and her body. So, if you are plus size, way to go!

One thing that helps to add pizzazz to your plus size dress is the use of accessories. Yes, you got it right! Accessories can be your fashion BFF when it comes to accentuating your best features, but only if you know how to style them in proportion. 

This article discusses some essential tips & ideas about how to accessorize your plus size dress with perfection and be the showstopper. Let’s go one by one!

#1. Jewelry

The right piece of jewelry is ‘ONE’ that balances your size, instead of emphasizing it. In the case of a plus size body shape, choosing bigger jewelry is the key.

Necklace: Look for the statement necklace that creates a focal point. Often, large pendant necklaces are a go-to choice for curvy fashionistas. You can also try on chunky streetwear styles to add interest to your special occasion dress, particularly the plus size cocktail dress you’ve for the party. 

Earrings: Hoop earrings are easy to fit and flattering for curvy women. However, if you are specifically looking to enhance your formal plus size prom dress or evening gown, wearing dangling earrings with a nice hairdo will speak volumes for you. Another plus? 

Bracelets: Bigger, bold bracelets add a hint of allures to your statement. You should opt for cuff bracelets or stacked bangles to accessorize your arms.

If you want your bracelets to be a little loose and comfortable, adjustable statement pieces are a great choice.

#2. Shoes

A great pair of shoes elevates your fashion game to OTT, and it’s beyond doubt! Though there are no rules for shoes, a few specific styles make your feet look leaner. These include wedges, platform sandals, sneakers, ballerinas, oxford shoes, and flats.

Another plus? They make you feel comfortable, especially when you’ll be dancing away the night in your long, flowy plus size prom dress or evening gown.

#3. Belts

The belt is a magical formula for plus size ladies. When styled in the right way, it can create an illusion of a slimmer look, plus adds an extra hint of style. You can wear the belt over the tunic, cardigan, or a plus size dress that does not have a fitted waist. 

What’s more? Curvy brides can also create the waist for their non-fitted plus size wedding dress bought on sale with the help of a belt and look picture-perfect. It’s just that belt for the wedding dress should be a little sassy or embellished. 

There you go! Accessories are a fun way to accentuate the best body features. And now that you know how to enhance the appeal of your plus size dress using accessories, have no second thought and let’s get started. Happy Accessorizing!

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