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How to Choose a Custom Hair System

Angelina July 9, 2022

If you are new to wearing a hair system, you might want to try a stock one for a few days before making the switch to a custom one. You will have to get used to wearing, taking off, and caring for the system. It is also worth considering the cost of a custom system compared to a standard hairpiece. Listed below are some factors to consider before you decide to purchase a custom one.


The Virtuesse custom hair system allows women to look their best, no matter their age, lifestyle, or hair loss condition. This hair replacement solution is made of 100% human hair, which mimics your own growth patterns. It also features a base that is so thin, it is almost undetectable by human touch. This allows you to continue living the active lifestyle you love, while still having the look you’re accustomed to. This custom hair system is a comfortable, lightweight, and completely natural-looking alternative to a wig.

Virtuesse is a unique hair replacement solution for women that can replicate the thickness and color of your natural hair. It is a high-tech solution for women with partial or full thinning hair, but it can also be worn anywhere for a completely natural look. Virtuesse is approved by dermatologists and is made of premium European human hair. It is also anti-bacterial and has an adhesive that withstands all types of weather conditions.

Invisible Thinnest Skin

The Invisible Thinnest Skin custom hair unit is made of the lightest poly ever. The hair units are made with a new injection process that makes them practically invisible. They blend in with the scalp and camouflage themselves. Because the hair units are so thin, they can be worn all day without having to worry about the system being visible. You can even wear them to bed. And because they are so comfortable, you’ll hardly know you have them on.

The Invisible Thinnest Skin custom hair unit has a transparent poly base that perfectly matches the skin color of the wearer. This makes the front hairline invisible and V-looped ventilation leaves no black marks on the system base. The thickness of the poly also affects the overall appearance and durability of the system. Super thin poly is 0.03mm thick and offers a more natural look and feel, but will last only a few weeks.

Light Monofilament

If you are looking for a lightweight hair system that can provide you with the look you want, look no further than the Light Monofilament Hair System. Made of monofilament base with gauze front and PU coatings on the sides, this hair system has an undetectable hairline and provides you with a comfortable fit. The Indian human hair is strong enough to resist heat and pressure. You can adjust the base size to fit your temples.

The base of the Light Monofilament hair system is made from a thin, nylon-like fabric. Each strand of hair is attached to a single piece of this fabric, which looks similar to French lace. The difference is that monofilament hair systems have smaller holes and denser mesh than fine lace hair systems, so they allow for a certain degree of breathability. These systems also last a long time and are perfect for hot climates.

Swiss Lace

You can get a Swiss Lace custom hair system made with the finest quality Swiss lace available. These systems are virtually undetectable and will not cause your natural hair to shed or tangle. This system is also known by several fancy names, including tape, liquid adhesive, and wig-like lace. The lace is attached with 3/4-inch poly on the sides and back to make the process of insertion and removal a breeze.

Compared to French Lace, Swiss lace is softer, lighter, and thinner. It is less noticeable than French Lace and performs just as well on invisibility. It is available in a wide range of colours, but its limited lifespan makes it not a good choice for light or medium-density hair. You can also choose from a ready-to-wear system, which ships in just a few days.

Chinese virgin hair

If you are planning on getting a new hairpiece, then you should consider purchasing a Chinese virgin or European hair custom hair system. This kind of hair has a natural silky feel and is known for its wavy style. This type of hair is also among the most durable in the market. The good thing is that the quality of this type of hair is very high, so there is no need to worry about the durability of your new hairpiece.

Virgin hair refers to the raw hair of a donor. It is harvested without coloring or perming. It also retains its natural color. The main differences between virgin hair and Remy hair are the manner of harvesting and the intact cuticle layer. Chinese and Indian Remy hair are usually the best choices for long hair systems, as they are considered to be the healthiest and the most durable. However, the price of the hair system can still be high, so you should always opt for the Chinese or Indian virgin hair custom hair system.

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