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pizzazzpainting June 4, 2021

Painting your house is a moment of great joy for every house owner. Residential painting in a unifying palette in Cinnaminson, NJ, has now been made easier with painting experts and color consultants. Culture and personality influence how we see color, what we like and what colors do we choose. Choosing the right color for your house is an important task. The color palette is all about choosing different colors in a cohesive way such that all the colors look like a part of the house and make a statement.

Choosing the right color palette can make painting your residence much easier. Once you have brainstormed and chosen the right color palette for your house, you are all set. Some people like multi-tone colors, combinations, and some are more inclined towards monochrome or single color palettes. You can choose any depending on the structure of your house, your likeliness, and other external factors like weather.

Color Palettes

Let’s start by taking a look at the tones of color for house painting in Cinnaminson, NJ:

Monochrome – Monochrome color palette refers to one main color and some shades that are either overtone or down tones. Monochromes make the house look contemporary and modern. Monochrome palettes can be enhanced with a few accent colors. Monochrome can be very creatively used with different materials in the same color and using various textures on the wall. This will not only add some break from the monotony but also will give elements of surprise.

Duo chromes – Black and Grey, Blue and Yellow, White and Yellows – these are the most common colors chosen by resident owners. Duo chrome is a palette with two main colors. It offers diversity and some drama for your wall paint. These allow experimentation, and luxury painting looks can easily be created when a duo-chrome palette.

Multi-color – A palette can be chosen with many main colors and various accents. The multicolor palette is bold and makes a statement. As there are more than one focus colors chosen, it adds a lot of drama to walls and hence attracts a lot of attention. While this is a great choice for residential painting, t it is also risky. If colors are not chosen wisely and walls not chosen right, it may look very haphazard and the aesthetic value will decrease. Hence, it’s very important to choose colors for a multicolor palette wisely. You can take help from color specialists and consult your painting contractor.

Tips to Choose a Unifying Color Palette

  • Consider Natural Light

Light differs in different houses and it drastically affects the look of the color. Light colors look good in houses which get natural light, like a well-lit living room will look good in white, cream and yellow colors.  Always get samples from the color consultant and make sure all the colors are coming together and are looking good. 

  • Choose colors from either cool or warm tones

Make sure you understand that you have to choose colors from the same temperature range for achieving a unifying color palette in your house. Either choose colors from the cool tones or warm tones. Do not pick random colors and tones. Have a look at the color wheel and ask for assistance from your painting contractor or color consultant to help you understand the color dynamics. Do ask for some work samples that are done with the colors you choose, it will give you a fair idea about how the colors will look after painting.

  • Understand “Tint” “Tone” and “Shade”

Your painting contractor always has a color expert on board who will help you understand the importance of these three terms in selecting a unifying palette. But also a general idea about what these are and how they work can go a long way.

“Tint” is adding white to any color. Like take color Red and if you add tint to it it gets a pastel look and become softer. It will start looking pink as you add more and more pink to it.

“Tone” refers to taking some colors and hues that are in the color wheel and adding grey to them. With the addition of grey to these colors, they become more desaturated and lose their primary hue. The greyish hue of the color gives a very modern look.

Shade” simply means when you add black to different colors and you get lighter and darker color shades. Shades are very useful in creating a unifying palette. Shades with the right tint and tones will bring together the look of the house. Usually, it’s the key to achieve the unified look in your house.

  • Limit your palette

Creating a unifying palette and having cohesive colors for your house can easily be achieved with a limited palette. Choose a color palette that resonates with your personality, matches your style and looks good in your naturally lit house. After choosing a limited color palette; work with tones, undertones and accents of the color and create looks for different rooms and walls. You can work in a fixed color palette and still bring a lot of statement to the walls. You can do this by choosing different materials, choosing furniture of the color from your palette. It’s the easiest and secure way to bring unification in the color of your house.

  • Use the principle of “Rhythm”

The design principle called Rhythm is really helpful in choosing cohesive colors for your house. It refers to the repetition of color, design, texture in a space to bring uniformity. Once you have chosen the color palette, it’s time to find points to repeat the colors and bring it out in various textures to have a rhythm. You can take the help of your interior designer with this. There are also a lot of picture samples from which you can take inspiration.

With all these tips, you can choose the right color for your house that will give you a unifying and cohesive look. A house beautifully painted in a unifying color palette looks attractive.

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