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How to Choose the Best Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

dsmith April 25, 2021

Family and friends who are looking for baby shower gifts for girl babies may find themselves confused. Studies show that more and more parents are opting for a more gender-neutral approach to child-rearing.

Many parents are fighting back against gender norms and don’t want to limit their children by gender. They are bucking the tradition of dolls and kitchen sets and pink and purple clothing for girls. It’s no longer automatically assumed that boy babies should wear blue and should play with footballs and trucks. If you aren’t sure of the parents’ thoughts on gender conformity, it’s best to avoid gender-specific gifts.

Instead of buying something pink and frilly for a girl and something blue and rugged for a boy, consider buying gender-neutral clothing that both genders can wear. The clothes will still be adorable. An added bonus is, parents can pass these clothes down to future children of either gender.

If you opt to buy the baby a toy, try to buy something gender-neutral. Gifts like a children’s crawling tunnel are suitable for everyone, as are balls, dolls, trucks, and any other toy. To keep it from being gender-specific, opt for a neutral color whenever you can.

Don’t worry; there are plenty of neutral toys and clothes, in addition to the ones already mentioned, that make excellent baby shower gifts. A spoon that checks the temperature of baby food, locks for cabinets, drawers, and refrigerators, and safety socket blockers are all gifts that are suitable for boys and girls.

Now, shop for the perfect gift to help welcome a new little human into the world. Your thoughtful and kind gesture will be appreciated by the parents and the baby is sure to enjoy your gift.

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