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How To Fix A Garage Door That Won’t Close

Alex Mahone November 12, 2018

Doors are a big investment especially when we are talking about the biggest door at your home i.e. the garage door. The massive size of the garage door not only brings the extra concern to the safety but also makes it necessary to work on its maintenance. Though you may try really hard to keep the door active and functioning for years, sometimes the garage door start working according to its own will. Yes, we are talking about the restriction to the movement of the garage door when they are closed or open. It can also be some minor issues with the mechanism or some major issues which are required to be fixed.

Sometimes the issues can be only fixed by a professional garage door repair North Hollywood CA , but still, there are always certain troubleshooting tips which can be worked on your own for smoother movement of the door throughout the year and in any weather. But make sure you never deal with the springs and tracks on your own because it can lead to accidents due to the heavy weight of the door. Here we bring you some quick and amazing fixes which you can give a try before you reach for an expert for a garage door that is not closing properly.

The very first move which you should take for easy movement of the garage door is to look for anything which is restricting the movement. There can be some clutter which is obstructing the movement during closing or opening of the door. Sometimes, it is also the light of the sensor which is not properly functioning or gets interrupted. In case you are not able to find anything on the sensor lights, you can try giving a good cleaning to remove any dirt or debris. If still the door is not properly closing, then it can be the misalignment of the sensors which is needed to be fixed for a clear connection and proper movement.

The second thing which you need to do for proper movement of garage door is to fix the limit of the door i.e. establishing the travel limits. You can set the movement of an opener to adjust the movement of the door preventing any crushing of objects. Make sure you never keep the setting too high because it will create a feel to the sensor that floor is an obstruction and it would prevent the door for closing properly. You can easily fix the movement using a screwdriver to adjust the movement using the owner’s manual.

Another thing which may possibly restrict the movement of the garage door is faulty tracks and rollers. But as the closing of garage door is very important from the security point of view. So for managing the security of your home and safety of your loved ones, it is necessary that you should turn your focus on rollers and tracks. In case you are not giving much attention to the maintenance of the garage door, then make sure you start working on cleaning any grime using a brush and lubricating the entire track as well as rollers. Also, you can clean the tracks using a cloth and oil to remove any dirt and dust accumulated on the area. If all the tricks don’t work then it is the time to call a professional Garage Door Service for quick repairs.

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