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How to Furnish and Decorate a Long Living Room?

informsarakhan July 29, 2021

If your next layout project is for a long living room, these tips will help you get the most out of this centerpiece of the house.

Think about the configuration of the space

Arranging a long living room can be a real challenge when you want to make it a pleasant and functional living room on a daily basis. If you have just moved into a new place to live or are planning to declutter your living room, you will first need to put your project on paper. Take all measurements, lengthwise, crosswise, as well as height. The length often rhymes with narrowness, do not hesitate to invest the walls, by means of thin and shallow shelves in particular. Also consider swapping a dark floor for a light parquet with long slats, to create a feeling of enlargement of the space.

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Space-saving furniture

In order to visually lighten your living room in length, opt for a space-saving furniture. Plan on a shallow depth for all the elements. A sofa or a two-seater bench completed with an ottoman with a storage box will be a much smarter choice than a corner sofa. To arrange your living room in length, treat yourself to a modular table, extendable or in a pull-out version. A folding table will make it possible to install a dining area if the living room also serves as a dining room. In any case, prefer small furniture, with clean lines and light colors.

Invest the corners

How to optimize the space when deciding to arrange a living room in length? Corner consoles are a clever solution to fill this often unused space and place a landline phone or a houseplant on it. In addition, there are corner TV units that allow you to install a medium-sized screen, sufficient for a small living room. Other space-saving options are available to you, in order to exploit the corners of your living room in length: shelves or libraries, storage, and even desks are available in the corner furniture section.

Decorative accessories

Even if you have to keep a light hand on the decoration, do not neglect this aspect when you are arranging your living room in length yourself. A rug, also long, will add a warm and fancy note to the atmosphere of the room. Wall frames as well as a few objects to put on the shelves and tables will sow cheerful touches of color throughout the light. One of the secrets to artificially enlarging any small space is to place one or more mirrors in the room. They will create perspective, for a guaranteed visual effect!

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