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How to Negotiate Packers and Movers Rates?

movingsolution February 11, 2021

Office or house shifting is not an easy task and it needs a lot of time, effort, and money. The average cost of shifting charged by the professional packers and movers in India comes to approx. Rs 8000 for local move and Rs 38,000 for interstate shifting.

When you contact the moving company, they come for a survey to provide you with an estimated figure for shifting your belongings. It is keeping this figure in mind you can further negotiate with the movers and packers company. You must remember that a lot of things play a major role in deciding the packers and movers charges of the packing and moving services. Like for instance, volume of the goods, distance between the origin and the destination, availability of the stairs, etc. are some of the factors that determine the cost of moving.

The end amount for shifting always depends on the ability to negotiate. In your negotiable skills lie the secret of getting good discounts in your final amount. What are the ways you can negotiate with the packer and movers in your city? To understand that you will have to find the best way to deal with your packers and movers company.

  • While looking for a company it will best if you can consider at least three packing and moving companies for the final round. Ask them for the estimate. Look for the lowest bid, but sometime that may not work. Sometimes the lowest bid is from the lowest brand and they are not very trust worthy.

Before you start bidding, make preparations to receive the official representatives of the various packers and movers you have shortlisted. It is at this time that you get them verified during the negotiation procedure.

  • After shortlisting the company now, it is time to compare the packers and mover charges in Pune. It is at this stage after which you go off to the next deal with the packing and moving service providing companies and get the pricing details of all the three. It is at this negotiation table that you bring all the details clearly as to the number and nature of the additional services required to avail from the movers. It is now that you get to understand the nature of packing and if there will be any additional charges included.
  • A few methods to use your negotiation skills to bring down the price of packing and moving are as follows:
  • Most moving companies bring down their rates to make it to the par with their competitor in the market. Even during the off-season.
  • Once you get the quotes from different companies work it out as a base to deal with the company that you want to do your work.
  • Try and be open for compromises from your side such as picking a relevant date, making early reservations, etc.
  • After making conversations over the phone and picking the right company now it is time to get in touch with the main person directly.

Once you meet them in person, the movers lower their rates instantly. This is because they want to compete with their competitors and want to increase their market presence known. No matter whether the season is on or off, they simply want to attract new customers.

By figuring this out prepare yourself for the negotiations. If you are shifting during an off-season you can easily negotiate or customize your demand for the charges based on the fact that:

  • You already have quotes from different packing and moving companies, you can ask the your favorite one to lower their rates. since the other companies are also giving you the same deal at lesser amount, you can bravely ask them to lower the charges.
  • Some of the companies may give you a discounted rate for an early booking or booking on a specific date. Being flexible and hiring such moving company can help you get good rates for household shifting.

These are some of the tricks that can be followed to negotiate properly with the packing and moving companies. Your best bet is to first do a complete research about the company and work out a plan to deal with the companies. There are some companies that give a raised rate in the very beginning and later in the name of discount try to lure the customers.

If this is your first time it is best to read the reviews and look at the ratings before fixing on any one company. Look for their weak points that could stand as an advantage for you. This could make it work to your benefit. The above-mentioned points are some of the tried and tested tricks that will work for you to your advantage.

Another point to remember while getting touch with the movers is to put your step forward. This means, that you dress well and talk politely to show that you have a good background and have knowledge about the packing and moving market. Never allow the company personnel to think otherwise. It is also very important to not show how eager you are to hire them. If they find this out, you can be played into accepting them. So, tell them that you have other better options and may tilt towards them if a satisfactory deal is not stroked out. Other than that, you can try some of the ways to bring down the rates:

  • Book early and avoid getting charged for the last-minute booking
  • Remove all the unwanted items from the list of moving items;
  • Pack things yourself and save on the packing charges issued by some packing companies. Be sure to confirm this before they arrive;
  • Be flexible with your moving dates. The company may lower the rates in the name of discounts and special offers for some of their dates. Grab this opportunity and you can get a lower price for the household shifting.

These points will help you get appropriate rate for the packing and moving services.

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