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Innovative ways to market your business

Ashish Kumar March 23, 2015

Having a developed and successful business, a solid marketing strategy and a number of regular clients simply is not enough anymore – in today’s competitive market when other companies are offering the same services as you are, there has to be something that will make your company stand out and be the best. Or at least the most visible on the market. Therefore, it’s vitally important to find a way to boost your marketing strategy and, consequently, the value of your company. Find a way that will incorporate what you already have – your services and products – and something that is hip, modern, interesting, attention-grabbing and profitable. Here are some ways how to market your business and do it in style.

Social Media Marketing



Guerilla Marketing

While the name of this method may have sounded a bit offensive, provocative or controversial to some in the past, it’s been proven that guerilla marketing tactics are rather effective and attract as many new clients as other, “regular”, marketing strategies. It has also evolved from low-cost promotional actions like posting posters/flyers and urban events in the middle of the afternoon, to more sophisticated promotions that include some of today’s most popular occurrences, door-hangers and flash mobs. Ultimately, the perks of guerilla marketing are its offline option – with so many people active on the Internet all the time, it’s interesting to see something different in the streets from time to time.

Social Media 2.0

Using social media for marketing purposes became yesterday’s news some time ago, but what you can do is update this idea and use it differently. Combine it with real-life settings and advertizing – today’s social network users still may not be completely used to seeing hashtags and “@” signs in buses, on billboards and product packages, so you should be the one to do it and connect old marketing strategies with a social media presence.


Giveaways are Always Good

Everyone knows that getting free things will make customers happy and turn their heads towards your company. And it doesn’t have to be anything big, but pens, USB flash drives or stress balls will do the trick. Also, you can start using promotional merchandise and market your company via hats, t-shirts, notepads or coffee mugs with your logo on them – spread those around to your partners as well, and your company will surely benefit from this gesture.

Apply the Application

With at least a half of adults using tablets and 80% of them using smartphones, it’s more than expected to try and use this market audience for your promotional strategies. You can take regular online marketing techniques – your company’s website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. – to the next level and create a free application that will be partially designed for your clients. However, it shouldn’t be completely marketing-oriented because then it wouldn’t be any better than a paid commercial, but provide actual content and help for certain types of users. Your ads and messages will just be a non-affecting bonus. 

Additional Ideas

There are plenty of opportunities this technological age offers you in order to promote your company – online shopping, viral videos, personalized messages from the companies’ CEOs, e-mails with specific content, infographics, online magazines, and so much more – but don’t be exclusively restricted to the online mode. You can sponsor a contest, support a youth program in your neighborhood or organize sweepstakes and promote your virtual followers into paying clients.

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